Sunday, May 8, 2005


Arrived in Stockholm this afternoon. It's a cold city weatherwise, but the people are friendly and warm. Walked around Old Town - felt like The Rocks area in Sydney, lots of narrow, cobbled streets full of cafes, souvenir shops, clothing shops, ice-cream shops, art galleries and more. Went to the Ice-Gallery. That was really fun. You pay 50kr, ie about AU$10 and you put on this smock thing and enter an ice room made up like a room in the ice hotel in regional Sweden. Temperatures are -5 degrees in the room.

After that we walked around the city and walked around NK dept store. There are some cool Swedish glass and homewares to look at.

Went to Sally's Bar for an Italian dinner. The pasta and pizza was great! The diversity and quality of food in the cafes and restaurants here is v.high. Stockholm has a v.different feel to Copenhagen already.