Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Chaos Generation July Zine

Putting together the July issue of the zine. Aiming to put it up by the weekend.

The Apprentice

Started watching 'The Apprentice' now after reading the spoilers. On Monday night's episode
(Week 9), the two teams had to pick an emerging artist's work to showcase and whichever team sold the highest $$ value were safe, the other team would meet Donald Trump and his two advisors in the boardroom and one member of the team would be fired. They chose Meaghan, who's work they found confronting and a bit dark but who had her own following and who's work sold for around $4k a piece on average.

Versacorp, led by Nick, sold $13,000 of art while Protégé, led by Kwame, sold $869. Trump said Protégé got "creamed" because they made the mistake of not believing in what they were selling.


Thursday, June 24, 2004

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Saw this film earlier tonight. It was a good, fun movie.

Jon and Josh Baker interviewed in Australian INfront

"TWiN is Jonathan and Joshua Baker. Both come from the same background in design, and have spent the last few years working at two of Sydney's top motion houses [Josh at Ambience Entertainment & Jonathan having moved on from mesh22, to now directing at Window Productions]. Their work ranges from title sequences for film and TV, to logo animations, to directing music videos and commercials."

They spoke at last year's the Semi-Permanent event. They did a fun, cool presentation.

Google reveals its caring side

This article talks about Google wanting to give back to the community by making available some of their code, as well as possibly opening a regional research and development office in Melbourne. W:

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Architects on ABC TV - tonight

On George Negus Tonight: Wednesday June 23, 2004, 6.30pm

The program looks at the way architects turn their ideas into reality, how their buildings function, and what impact buildings have on the urban environment.

"John Wardle
A profile of renowned, award-winning Melbourne architect John Wardle who talks through the design of a number of his houses in and around Melbourne. John discusses the whole process – from initial conception to the design phase, the nature of his on-going discussions with clients, and on-site talks about finished projects.

Robert Morris Nunn
Tasmanian architect Robert Morris Nunn focuses on public buildings. He is an award-winning architect who is renowned for retaining the historical integrity of Tasmanian buildings while giving them a contemporary redesign. He is also very interested in creating buildings that are environmentally sustainable. Richard Flanagan comments on the importance of Morris Nunn's work and how it represents the spirit of Tasmanians.

Gregory Burgess
Gregory Burgess is known internationally for his culturally sensitive designs, working for and with indigenous Australians. He has just won the Royal Institute of Architects' most prestigious award, the Gold Medal, for his body of work, which includes the cultural centre at Uluru, the Brambuk Aboriginal cultural centre in the Grampians, and the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Burgess talks about his work, with a particular focus on the Aboriginal cultural centres.

Richard Goodwin
Richard Goodwin is a sculptor and architect who pioneered freeway architecture and large scale public art in Australia. He created the walls on the Gore Hill freeway, and the Glebe Island Arterial project, to name just two projects, changing the way we think about public space. Goodwin also won Australia's biggest sculpture prize this year, the Helen Lempriere Award. Alex Tarney visits him in Sydney and he takes her around the city to view and discuss his projects. We also see him working on his latest idea in his studio."


Launch of Natural Selection magazine issue 2

This Friday, 25 June
James Lynch is the guest editor for this issue.

MIR11, 11th floor 522 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
6-8 pm punch and club sandwiches
Turnip scuptures
Private readings
Meet the editors

The magazine will be available for download "sometime on friday" from the Natural Selection website at:

Libraries try to fit into a Google world

This article talks about libraries acknowledging that lots of students, academics are increasingly searching for information using Google etc to write their papers. Some of the libraries around the world have started to work with the search engine companies to make their catalogues and collections available online.

An example is Carnegie-Mellon University, who have digitally scanned 1.6 million pages of archival material from the papers of Carnegie-Mellon scientists which are now searchable via Google. "Google has also indexed two million book titles through the Online Computer Library Center, which manages a database of catalogs from 12,000 libraries around the world."

The article mentions that there is still some way to go as a lot of information is also stored in electronic databases and so services like Google are not yet able to search these databases. Also some older, archival material is still only available in the hard copy collections of research libraries around the world.


Monday, June 21, 2004

Reunion website in $3m sale

Article about siblings Rob Barron, 27, and Vicki Dawson, a 29-year-old mother of two selling their website to British competitor Friends Reunited for an industry estimate of at least £1 million ($AU 2.7 million). Rob saw the idea in the U.S. and then developed the idea for the Australian market.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Alain de Botton's Status Anxiety Part 1 on TV tonight.

Tonight 10.10-11.05pm, on the ABC.

"Alain de Botton, one of Britain's leading young thinkers, investigates the contemporary face of status anxiety by exploring its history and examines what status is, where it comes from and what we can do about the problems it causes."


Dissociatives gig a the Enmore theatre last night

Enjoyed a great gig by the Dissociatives ie Daniel Johns and Paul Mac last night at the Enmore theatre. Daniel looked liked he was having a lot of fun and just really getting into the music. He experiments with his voice, such as whistling v.well parts of tunes and experimenting with sounds. He is a v.charismatic, world-class performer. Paul Mac was having heaps of fun too, jumping around at his station. Great night. V.uplifting sounds.

Dissociatives website:

Then went to The Citrus cafe on King St, Newtown to share a yummy 'mortal sin' cake (four layer cake - chocolate crumb type base, then a cheesecake layer, then a chocolate mousse layer then a cream layer on top), with ice-cream on the side and hot chocolate. This cafe has 18 cakes on display. The potato wedges on the next table looked really great too!

K-mart, Marrickville Metro

Was looking for a column heater for those chilly nights. Saw a price-check machine in the toy section. Saw people taking boxes and things and lining up to scan the barcodes for the prices. One kid was happy with the price and exclaimed loudly that he could afford the item. Saw all these kid spy gadget toys, where you can listen to conversations some metres away using a device that's 'disguised' to look a CD player, and there's the night vision glasses and more, and these items are now just kid's toys. They also have a range of new release book titles selling for 35% less than retail prices. That's a pretty good deal.

Google's man behind the curtain

CNet interviews Craig Silverstein, who joined Sergey Brin and Larry Page to build Google. He gets asked about Google and the future of searching. Silverstein talks in general terms but the interview is still interesting. He talks about reference librarians being able to 'understand emotions and other non factual information' provided by people, and then being able to apply these cues and apply this intelligence in using Google to help answer people's queries.

He says: "So, part of the goal is to make computers smart enough so that when you interact with them, they can do something with that information to help you actually get better results. That is certainly something Google thinks about to improve quality.

When do you think that kind of artificially intelligent search will happen?
I think that understanding language is kind of the last frontier in artificial intelligence, and then talking to a computer will be just like talking to a reference librarian, because they will both be equally knowledgeable about the world and about you."

Article at:'s+man+behind+the+curtain/2008-1024_3-5208228.html?part=rss&tag=5208228&subj=news.1024.null

On The Road with Audioblogger

This article talks about putting audio blog posts onto your blog. I like the idea of phoning in your blog from anywhere, and also the idea that you can download mp3 audio blog files onto your ipod and listen to them. Gives another level of 'personal' quality to blogging.


Friday, June 18, 2004

NSW KM Forum: State of the Art in Web Mining - Free event

Topic: State of the Art in Web Mining
Presenter: Laurie Lock Lee
Date: 01 July 04
Time: 5.30 – 7.30
Location: 286 Sussex St Sydney (Corner with Bathurst)

"Laurie Lock Lee, a KM consultant at CSC and a regular at the NSW KM Forum, will talk to us about the State-of-the-art in Web Mining

The World Wide Web is the world's largest information repository and growing at an astounding rate. The volume and richness of information available for both business and personal use is undoubted. If only it were easier to find and use it! A survey of CSC staff indicated that over 80% of information accessed to support day to day decision-making came from unstructured and often web accessible sources. This result is consistent with similar industry surveys conducted on unstructured information use.

Web Mining is a natural extension of data mining, though with the web (both the Internet and intranets) as its primary data source. The unstructured and textual nature of the web presents some significant challenges, but also some exciting possibilities. This presentation will review the current state of the art in Web Mining. The presentation, based on research conducted under a CSC Leading Edge Forum Technology Grant, will include some novel Web Mining application examples. One example will show how web mining can help us understand our positioning in certain markets e.g. BPO, CRM etc. Another will look inside CSC's 700+ communities to explore the informal side of CSC around the globe."

If you want to go to this event, you just turn up.
For more info email:

Source: The Knowledge Update - June 2004 enewsletter, sent from SAI Global Professional Services.

The future of marriage - Nerve's VoiceBox feature

"The future of marriage is a contentious topic, even around the Nerve offices. Some of us are getting hitched before the year is out. Others are avoiding it like a family reunion. It's at once an incredibly personal matter and a major issue on the national stage. Is the institution obsolete? Should same-sex marriage be legal? Are children raised by single parents more likely to go postal? Is this generation waiting too long to get married? In search of insight, if not answers, we assembled an e-roundtable that included the resolutely single writer Jonathan Ames, comedy queen Margaret Cho, the conservative commentator Maggie Gallagher, a gay historian and the editor-in-chief of Maxim. — Tobin Levy"


Margaret Cho's Notorious show on TV tonight SBS 10.00-11.40pm


"Korean-American comedienne Margaret Cho's performance at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. The show is preceded by an animated two-hander that defuses cultural stereotypes by exaggerating them. It's followed by an interview with Margaret Cho, interviews with the audience about to go into the theatre and an interview with Cho's parents. Cho's one-woman show sends up September 11, the anthrax scare, gay bars, colonic irrigation, periods (if straight men or gays had them as well), token roles by Asians on US TV, drag queens, her mother's accent and attitudes and many more social issues. (From the US, in English)."

Margaret Cho's website:

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Trump's Trend-spotting Tips

This article in outlines 6 tips Donald Trump has for helping entrepreneurs to capitalise on the next big thing: 1. Do your research for a big-money payoff, 2. Try a variation on an already viable trend, 3. Consider a contrarian approach, 4. Fine-tune production, 5. Jump in before anyone else, and 6. Go with your gut. The article also lists 10 websites to help you keep informed of the latest trends. W:,4621,315568-4,00.html.

NUCA (Network of Un-Collectable Artists) card set swap meet - Sydney

"We are having a swapmeet 2-4pm on 26 June (Sat) at The Cross Art Projects. It's so anyone who is trying to collect the whole set (which isn't easy) can hook up with others to trade and swap!"

33 Roslyn Street Kings Cross Sydney 2011. T: +61 2 93572058, E:

Source: email from Lucas Ihlein. 16/6/04.

The key to email: a two-second grab

This article talks about people spending about 2 seconds to decide whether to read or delete your email. W:

The article refers to Jakob Nielsen's 2nd Edition report titled: Email Newsletter Usability:
127 design guidelines for subscription interfaces, newsletter content and account maintenance based on user research.

You can read the summary of the report, and the table of contents of the report at:
The full report costs $298 (U.S.) for the 293 page pdf file.

Sunday, June 13, 2004


Saw Hero yesterday at the State Theatre as part of the Sydney Film Festival. It's a great film! The story was great, the acting was great, the martial arts were great, the special effects were great, the cinematography was great! Loved the film. It features a who's who list of Chinese stars including Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung... and is directed by Zhang Yimou.

We got there 30mins before the start time and already the number of people waiting had already spilled out onto the footpath outside the theatre. Got seats in the stalls downstairs. They were good seats. If you missed the film, you can catch it at a Dendy cinema soon.

Hopefully the movie will get a season at one of the cinemas as well.


DVDs watched in the last couple of days:

The Hulk:
Liked the breakout box frame style in some of the scenes. This transition and style gave the movie a real comic book feel. Also thought it was funny that his shirt rips open as he gets bigger, then eventually his socks pop open but the briefs somehow manage to stretch to whatever size he becomes, and luckily manages not to give out.

Love Actually:
A Who's who of British stars. About ten or so stories on the theme of love. All the stories were well told. Interesting to be able to present the ten stories and thread them all together without losing the audience. It's a good film!

Chasing Liberty:
Fun teen romantic comedy with Mandy Moore and Matthew Goode. She plays the American president's daughter who just wants some freedom and time away from the guards accompanying her everywhere. He's one of those agents but she doesn't know and her father decides to keep it that way so that she's looked after and yet she can still feel like she has freedom. That's the strategy anyway... It's a good film of its genre.

Give up your day job

This SMH article talks about people being able to start up an online business with very little capital. They talk about Krissi Harris's dog couture business Vicious Kitten and how she now has about 50 sales a week on eBay worth about $5000. Another online entrepreneur is Jennifer Rixon, who started selling plus size clothing on eBay. Her online shop is called Bargain Cave. The article says she holds 400 auctions a week worth around $5500.

The article also talks about the things you have to look out for when selling on eBay such as non-paying customers and the problems with giving customers a bad rating.


Friday, June 11, 2004

The men who would conquer China - Sydney film festival

Screening 12 and 17 June 2004 at the Dendy Opera Quays.


"Mart Bakal has a mission. He’s a millionaire New York banker, spreading the benefits of globalism in the former Communist world. He now wants to consolidate his reputation and make his fortune in China – the biggest market of all. But he needs a “cultural interpreter”, so he teams up with Vincent Lee, a wealthy Hong Kong entrepreneur. But with Vincent on-board and with billions of dollars to invest, Mart finds China unexpectedly slow to respond to his offers, needs and methods. This intimate film follows the two men through 3 years of their quest – through Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing, Harbin, Hong Kong and New York. Their relationship becomes the fulcrum on which the film pivots. “The odd couple” - as Vincent calls them - is very funny. But the tensions between them are growing, driven by big differences in their approaches and agendas. As they draw closer to their objective, we ponder the impact of Capitalism on China - and on us all. This is a dramatic and humorous narrative which compares the values & motivations of the North American & the Chinese locked together by perceived mutual advantage in a struggle crucial to the future of each."


The Corporation - upcoming film

A film by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan

"From the Director of Manufacturing Consent. Starring 7 CEO's, 3 VIPS, 2 whistleblowers, 1 broker, 1 spy and 1 really big mess. With Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein and Milton Friedman. Special Guest Star: The FBI's top consultant on psychopaths" (Valhalla)

"THE CORPORATION is resonating with audiences all over the world. The feature documentary analyzes the very nature of the corporate institution, its impacts on our planet, and what people are doing in response. Based on Bakan's book "The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power", the film has been generating popular support from street level to the boardrooms of the Corporate Social Responsibility movement." (Film website)

Winner Audience Award Sundance

June 13 and 14 for the Sydney Film Festival. Screening in the Reel Room, State Theatre, Sydney.

From August 5th at the Valhalla cinemas, Glebe, Sydney

The Corporation film website:

Thursday, June 10, 2004

A Guy Thing

Watched the A Guy Thing DVD last night. A bit of fun. Stars Julia Stiles, Selma Blair and Jason Lee. Recently got a DVD player so was able to watch the 'Special Features'. It's nice to see the alternate endings and hear why they Chris Koch discarded each one. Also saw some deleted scenes. Interesting to hear why they didn't make the cut.

Pages Online Issue 6: Allure now up


Halt Magazine out

Halt Magazine out too. It's also free. This one could be issue 3. Not sure. Doesn't say. The magazine showcases young talent. Cover art: Nelson Nokeia.


Cyclic Defrost No. 7 out

Picked up a free copy of Cyclic Defrost No. 7 from So Music on King St. They still have copies there but it's on the right hand side, not the left side as you walk in where all the other freebie pickups are. There's also a CD in there of 'ambient work'.

Cover artwork is by Steven Scott (

Cyclic Defrost website:

Dumbo feather, pass it on

This is a new magazine edited by Kate Bezar. She interviews people with the theme of 'inspiration'. Each interview runs for a number of pages which is cool as they go into a lot of depth. The interviews are a good read. The design looks pretty good. It's designed by Saatchi Design. The first issue features: Dean Manning (half of Leonardo's Bride, both Dean and Abby now have solo careers), Kirsty Sword Gusmao, Tim Pethick (Nudie fruit juice guy), Marnie Skillings, and Andrew Griffiths.

W: (website has a splash page only at the moment).

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Insight 300 Seconds Film Making competition

Deadline for entries: August 1st 2004

"Appropriate subjects are left to your own discretion because the competition is all about you and your chosen lifestyle. Whether it be about surfing, skateboarding, stunt making, snowboarding, art, music, fashion, humour or even knitting, you film’s merit will be judged on delivery, style, content and originality.

By entering, you could have the chance to win:
1st Prize $10,000 cash - 2nd Prize $5,000 cash - 3rd Prize $2,500 cash
All prizes include added extras, including Insight clothing and surfboards.

· Each film must be no longer than 5 minutes.
· Insight 300 Seconds must be the first public screening for your film
(however it does not have to be made specifically for the event).
· 2 x copies of your film must be provided on DV (digital) format.
· A completed and signed entry form must accompany the entry.
All entries must be delivered to Insight HQ at 17/23 Bowden St Alexandria
NSW 2015 no later than August 1st 2004. The entry deadline is final and no
exceptions will be made for late entries.

Entries will not be accepted:
· If films are over the time limit of 5 minutes.
· If the entry form is not included or incomplete.
· The film arrives at Insight HQ after August 1st 2004.

All finalists will be notified by telephone prior to the event.
The top ten films will be showcased at a premier gala event on
September 2nd, 2004 in Sydney NSW.

If you require additional information on the event, please contact
Insight on +61 2 9310 2811 between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday"


Interviews with Google Answers Researchers

The Google Blogoscoped website has a list of interviews they've done with Google Answers Researchers. W:

A Contest to Outwit Google

This article in Wired online, talks about the SEO Challenge (Search Engine Optimisation) which is sponsored by DarkBlue, an Australian affiliate-marketing company, and It challenges participants to use any search engine optimisation method to try and claim the number one spot on Google for an odd term. The term is "negritude ultramarine" which means "dark blue" in Latin. The first round has been won by Brandon Suit. Suit says that he used the backlinking strategy to help him get ranked Number One.

Entente cordiale

This article is a review of the Cordial Cafe in Newtown. They reviewed it as good food and good value. So posting/bookmarking it for future reference, next time I feel like a bit around the Sydney Uni area.

Shop G8/130 Carillon Avenue, Newtown.
Tel: 9557 7066. Open Daily 7am-7pm.


You, Too, Can Be a Comics Whiz

This Wired article is about people using video-game character art or sprites as the characters in their web comics. This way, even if they can't draw, they can still produce a web comic. Some of these comics are hugely successful. The comic producers realise that they're infringing copyright but the companies haven't taken legal action as yet and some of the comics have a huge following.

Sunday, June 6, 2004

Gary Jules' Mad World song

Was walking down King St yesterday. Went into the 'Hum' music store and heard the Mad World song. I'd heard it before vaguely but had no idea which artist had recorded it. Asked the guy behind the counter and he told me it was Gary Jules. You can get the song on the 'Donnie Darko' soundtrack or on Gary Jule's CD titled 'Trading Snakeoil for Wolf Tickets'. You can hear the 'Mad World' song at Gary's site at:

Friday, June 4, 2004

Business Idea Grants 2004

The Yellow Pages® Business Ideas Grants 2004 is in it's 9th year. There are 3 categories: Best Idea Concept Stage, Best Idea Product Development Stage, and the Best Idea Business Development Stage. Each category winner will win a cash grant of $50k and more. Finalists also win prizes. Deadline for entries: 30 July 2004. For more info, go to:

Thursday, June 3, 2004

Young memoirs - talk at the State Library of NSW

"Exciting and adventurous lives can make for interesting reading, but how do these young authors find the time to live their lives, as well as write about them? Ben Kozel is one of Australia’s most gifted and intrepid travel writers (Three men in a raft and Five months in a leaky boat) and seems always to be asking himself, ‘where to next?’ Rachael Oakes-Ash is a radio broadcaster, sought-after television panelist and author, who doesn’t avoid the topics such as female competition (Anything she can do I can do better). Writer and comedian, John Larkin is the author of many books for adults as well as children including his childhood memoir, The pacifist’s guide to self-flagellation. Gaby Naher’s The truth about my fathers explores her relationship with both her beloved adoptive father in Australia and her biological father in Canada."

When: Thursday 10 June, 6 pm for 6.30 pm
Where: Dixson Room, Mitchell Wing, State Library of NSW, Macquarie St, Sydney
Cost: $16.50, $11
Bookings: Phone: (02) 9273 1770, Fax: (02) 9273 1248, Email:

Rediscovering retro

If you want to get a hold of classic video games such as Frogger, Pacman, and more, you can now buy the following titles which consists a lot of the games in their respective catalogues: Midway Arcade Treasures ( Namco Arcade Classics and Atari Classics 10-in-1 (both from
Source: SMH article:

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Eyescream 04: Halloween Short Film Festival

"The EYESCREAM Halloween Short Film Festival invites Australian filmmakers to thrill, shock and entertain audiences with their scary short films. With a time limit of up to 8 minutes, make a creative short that falls within the darker genres of filmmaking including Horror/Schlock, Suspense, and/or Black Comedy.

Finalists will have their works shown in all their glory on the big screen in late October, 2004, as well as have the chance to go in the running for a huge prize pool."

Deadline: Monday 30 August, 2004.


The site also has a section on how to create low budget special effects. This includes telling you how to make: Fake blood, Fake skin, Wounds, Slime, and Fake glass. All these recipes at:

Enviro tips on the Greenpeace site

Greenpeace have put together a collection of tips to be more green in your daily living. Sections are: Daily living, Cleaning the house, In the garden, Controlling pests, Keep unwanted guests away without poisons, Building and renovating, At work, and Community action.

Gov Info site about chemicals used in your home

The Aust Government's Department of the Environment and Heritage has put together this useful and comprehensive resource on chemicals. Categories of information are: Household Chemicals, Exposure & Safety, Chemicals by Name, Chemicals and Environment, Chemicals in Agriculture, Chemicals and Human Health, Regulators and Legislation, Main Organisations, International Portals, Chemical Databases, Business, Hobbies and Arts, and Education and Research.

Paid Content's Digital Media Jobs blog

"The Digital Media Jobs Blog features classified job ads, and links to other jobs related to digital media sector. These are business jobs, NOT journalism jobs..." So if you want to find out the job titles of the present and near future, then check out this blog. Job titles include: Mobile Media Producer, Online media buyer, Director, Worldwide Internet Enforcement ... The jobs pretty much all seem to be based in the States.

Maybe one day... soon, the companies will open the jobs up to people who live in far away places... after all the workers would only be a few clicks away.


Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Bloggers find ways to profit

Some bloggers are making money from their sites through placing ads on their sites. The article mentions services like Blogads and Google. The article mentions a few bloggers who are making money online this way including Glenn Reynolds, "a law professor who runs the libertarian blog"

Link first sighted on The Blog herald (a blog from Western Australia).

Gone wireless

Got a NetGear WGT624 wireless router and a WG511T 108 Mbps Wireless PC Card on the weekend and now I'm surfing the web wireless. Yay! Now I can blog from the dining table, the kitchen table, anywhere really :-).