Monday, January 24, 2005

Detox & Rejuvenate- New Year's Resolve

Article by Toni Salter []

"This is the time everyone's talking about new resolutions of getting fit, eating healthy, detoxifying from too much Christmas binging and setting goals for the year ahead. What better way to start the year than by starting up a veggie patch.

Eating lots of vegetables is the best way to detoxify your body and with warm summer days ahead of us, salads are the best and quickest way to eat your way to good health. And a veggie patch doesn't have to be elaborate! You can start with growing a few veggies in an old laundry tub just outside the back door. It's really quite easy. You can grow a complete salad in just one pot..."

Full article at:

Art Gallery NSW Art After Hours - Wednesday nights

Our current Art After Hours program celebrates the major photographic exhibition Bill Henson.

Highlights include: The free celebrity talks, 6.30pm every Wednesday until March 2. Speakers give personal insights into the art of Bill Henson Names include:

19 Jan - Samantha Lang, film director, Shot in the Dark
26 Jan - Jim Sharman, theatre & film director, DREAMPLAY
2 Feb - Hugh Mackay, social commentator, Sydney Morning Herald columnist,Changing Landscapes of Adolescence
9 Feb - Peter Craven, criticLiterary light and dark
16 Feb- Jonathan Biggins, Host ABC TV's Critical Mass & Robert MacFarlane, Sydney Morning Herald photography critic, A Critical Chat
23 Feb - Edmund Capon, Art Gallery of NSW director & Bill Henson, artist, An Intimate Conversation
2 Mar - Richard Tognetti, violinist, composer & director of Australian Chamber Orchestra, Henson: Luminous Sound

Program detail:

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Natural Selection Magazine Issue 3

Natural Selection is an online magazine in pdf format from Auckland, NZ. Issue 3 is ready for downloading.

In Natural Selection #3...
Three unpublished gems from the late great Australian artist Mike Brown.Julian Kücklich dishes the dirt on Manhunt, an ultra-violent video game Manhunt banned in New Zealand.Matthew Hyland talks life, death and Al Qaeda.Dan Arps interviews Wellington artist Tao Wells about being an "emerging artist".Ralph Paine gives a sort of anarcho-futurist-leftist response to the seabed and foreshore debate.Scott Redford's virtual Biennale of Sydney.Jane Polkinghorne takes a Junket to Tijuana, Mexico.Amy Howden-Chapman on drawing, animals, and new spaces in Wellington.And totally much more!!!


Import Export: Contemporary British Design exhibition 4 Jan-13 Mar 2005

Presented by Object, British Council Australia, and Sydney Festival, in association with Sydney Opera House

Import Export celebrates the diversity and dynamism of the UK design scene, highlighting the importance of cultural transfusion and diffusion in powering Britain as a prominent creative hub.
Exhibitors: Tord Boontje (furniture and lighting), Azumi (furniture and product design), El Ultimo Grito (furniture and product design), Eley Kishimoto (fashion), Sebastian Bergne (furniture and product design), Lara Bohinc (jewellery), Lubna Chowdhary (ceramics), Gitta Gschwendtner (furniture and lighting), Kei Ito (fashion and costume design), Anne Kyyrö Quinn (interior products).

Exhibition curated by Lesley Jackson for British Council.

A 112-page full colour exhibition catalogue is available for $5.
Image: Kei Ito, Crin Jacket & Skirt, 1998, woven nylon crin.

Currently Showing (4 January - 13 March 2005]
Sydney Opera House Exhibition Hall a satellite venue for two major Object exhibitions a year.


Global Local exhibition at the Object Gallery 4 Jan-27 Feb 2005

Global Local: Contemporary Australian Design

Global Local has been developed by Object as a response to the Import Export exhibition. It engages with issues of cultural diversity, enhanced mobility and global connectivity within contemporary Australian design.

Exhibitors: Edward Wong (furniture and interiors), Simon Lloyd (ceramics and product design), Johan Larsson (furniture), Berto Pandolfo (furniture and product design), Mari Funaki (jewellery and objects), Vicki Mason (jewellery), High Tea with Mrs Woo (fashion), Joungmee Do (jewellery and objects), Luis Nheu (furniture and interiors), Acer Chor (fashion and textiles), parisydneytokyo (photography and object design), Emma Varga (glass). Exhibition curated by Brian Parkes.

A special ‘Exchange and Influence' issue of Object Magazine, featuring profiles on the designers in Global Local , is available for $15.00. Images: Global Local at Object Gallery. Photo: Andy Stevens.

Currently Showing (4 January - 27 February 2005, 11am to 6pm Tuesday – Sunday)
OBJECT GALLERY, Australian Centre for Craft & Design, 417 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bunny wireframe singlet

Saw this image on a singlet in a shop window on King St, Newtown last night. Kind of cute!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Meta by Starck

Had a look at the Meta by Starck apartments on Sunday. The wooden shutters are a good idea. They're set apart from the window so you could lock the shutters but have the window open and therefore get ventilation going into the apartment. The floor to ceiling storage cabinets with a white finish are a good idea too. That way you can store all your clutter away. The mirror and the marbled looking kitchen wall look designy. Very convenient location to the CBD too - a 5 minute walk to the Pitt St mall. Also a gym next door and a supermarket just up the road.

The levies are pretty low too as there's no concierge, pool, landscaped gardens, gym to contribute costs towards maintaining.


The Carrington Group are selling and leasing the apartments:

Move and Stay have a 2 bedroom apartment in the building for people wanting to stay there for a night, week, month etc...

Greenpeace - The Chemical Home

Greenpeace have put together some information about the products we use everyday, including brands, and the effects they have on our bodies.

Consuming Chemicals - Toxics Campaign Homepage

The Chemical Home

The 120 song, $130 iPod

"Apple today unveiled a $US99 ($130.69) version of its hot-selling iPod digital music player, the gadget that catapulted the firm back into big profits, and a cheap mini-desktop.

The group new iPod, called the iPod shuffle, uses a "flash memory" - a device with no moving parts that stores memory even when the power has been switched off.

It is available in two forms, a 512 megabyte version able to hold 120 songs for $US99 ($130.69) and a one-gigabyte, 240-song version for $US149 ($196.70)..."


Website more than a flash in the pan

"Professional photographer and website partner Michael Gazzola does not readily admit his is a dotcom success story, but he believes the site he owns with two others is on a winning formula. is an Australian resources website catering for professional and amateur photographers, as well as equipment makers trying to attract them.

It survives the web clutter of digital camera reviews, photography news and used-equipment classifieds by nurturing sponsors, spreading its revenue base and maximising the chances of being found by Google.

Gazzola spends a lot of time reviewing search words and tailoring the site to make it appear in the top 10 results every time a user does a search..."

The site attracts 25,000 visitors a month and in the past 18 months collected 4000 opt-in subscriptions to the free monthly newsletter e-shoot.

In addition to income from sponsors, banner advertisers and classifieds, Buy-n-Shoot generates revenue from photographer listings, assistant photographer job seekers and used computer ads.

"Our site is unique in the world because we publish news only from our sponsors," Gazzola says. "In the past, sites with a lot of traffic fell down because of no sponsorship. It's a very dedicated market, very targeted. We're only looking at photography."


More sleep, less fat: study

"People who sleep less tend to be fat, a new study has found.

Researchers say it's time to find out if more sleep will fight obesity.

"We've put so much emphasis on diet and exercise that we've failed to recognise the value of good sleep," said Fred Turek, a physician at Northwestern University in Chicago.

"In fact society emphasises just the opposite" in work places where billed hours are crucial and long work days are common, he added.

Today's study from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk covered 1,000 people and found that total sleep time decreased as body mass index -- a measure of weight based on height -- increased...."


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Twelve restaurant - Newtown

Pictured is the seared salmon main, beef fillet main, the choc pudding special of the day, and the tiramisu.

Tried a new restaurant on King St, Newtown called Twelve on Sat night. The food was great! The servings were v.generous. The service was great! The atmosphere was buzzy. The prices were v.reasonable. Highly recommended.

A: 222 King Street, Newtown, Sydney. P: 02 9519 9412

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Baraka movie on tonight: ABC at 10.35pm

Baraka: "Ron Fricke's stunning visual tour of the planet. A story of diversity and interconnection, told via the rites, wonders, sacred sites and man-made monuments found in 24 countries across the world. Duration 95 mins."


Bill Henson photography exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW

Image Credit: Bill Henson, from Untitled 1985/86.
Type C photograph 106.5 x 86.5cm.
Art Gallery of New South Wales ) Bill Henson.

On View: 8 January - 3 April 2005
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Gallery Rd, The Domain, Sydney, Australia

Bill Henson is one of Australia's leading contemporary artists. His powerful and edgy photographs approach both the painterly and the cinematic, bringing together the formal and classical with the gritty, casual dramas of the everyday. Henson defines and redefines his subjects with a rigour that is inseparable from his technical command. He is a master of the use of light and dark in the tradition of the great European painters. Beautiful, confronting and unforgettable, his images capture a universal essence and enliven our own sense of being.

This landmark exhibition comprising more than 300 works spanning the 3 decades of Bill Henson's career, is the first major survey of his work. The exhibition is the major visual arts event in the 2005 Sydney Festival, and will be on view at the Art Gallery of New South Wales from 8 January to 3 April, before touring to the National Gallery of Victoria from 23 April to 10 July 2005.

"Bill Henson's images are carefully choreographed moments of suspenseful drama, veritable symphonies of decadence and beauty, of squalor and opulence, of mysterious darkness and ominous light, of quiet obsession and subversive ecstasy," said Edmund Capon, Director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Admission: $10 Adults, $7 Concessions/students/members, $27 families (2 adults + 2children)

Bill Henson website:


Wednesday, January 5, 2005

The Corporation on tonight SBS at 8.30pm


"The Pathology of Commerce - A fascinating insight into the power of corporations, which today have more power and influence than individual governments. Directed by Mark Achbar, this three-episode series critically investigates how corporations conduct their business, and how it impacts on everyone. This program looks at the history of corporations and criticises the impact they are claimed to have on the environment and people in Third World countries, how they flout the law while exercising enormous political influence and how they pollute the rivers and air and affect what we eat, our health etc. Various speakers such as Ralph Nader, Noam Chomsky, Milton Friedman, Michael Moore and others give their views of corporations. (From Canada, in English)"

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Semi-Permanent conference - March 18 + 19

The Semi-Permanent conference is on again this year March 18+19.

Speakers are: Build, Ed Templeton, Marc Atlan, Marok - Lodown Magazine, PlanBSE, Psyop, Qube Konstrukt, Revolver Film, Shift Japan (I like Shift online so this would be interesting), TWiN (Have heard the Baker twins present before. They're really good!), Weta Digital (Lord of the Rings fame so should be really intersting), and The Wilderness.

The Semi-Permanent conference is happening in Auckland, NZ as well on March 12. Speaker list for that date is not up on their website yet.