Chaos Generation is an ideas, inspiration, community, design and lifestyle blog and website. The material covered in Chaos Generation includes the following areas: new ideas on the web, interesting websites, blogs, entrepreneurship, design, art, community initiatives, alternative culture, independent media, sustainability, environmental issues, charities, well-being, lifestyle and more.

The term Chaos Generation refers to the Generation X and Y population who live in today's fast paced, chaotic, and constantly changing world. The world is more connected than ever via instant communication tools, and the web enables us to get our ideas out to the world quickly and cheaply. We also facing increasingly greater environmental, social, and political challenges and pressures in our society.

This website will look at some of the new ideas that are emerging in the new economy and how individuals are expressing themselves in the new environment.

About the editor: Kirsten Lowe

Kirsten Lowe has a background in Environmental and Human Geography, Information Management and Digital Design. She currently works as a free-agent in the areas of research, writing, online publishing and other web based projects.She hopes that CG will inspire people to do their own thing, to follow their dreams, to have heaps of fun, to go and do and see lots of different things, to spend more time with family and friends, to chill out and relax, and to be more environmentally conscious and active in helping to save the planet.

She's a CGer living in Sydney. If you want to know anymore, you can always email her ... at kirsten@chaosgeneration.com.