Friday, December 31, 2004

red eyes + sticky fingers - 25 February - 3 April 2005

© Garrett Hughes Verdant Velum 2002


"- for generations the simple art of cut'n'paste has been harnessed to shock, amuse and amaze. Today 'cut' and 'paste' describe two software routines initiated by the simple click on the icons 'scissors' and 'clipboard'. But while the computer programs have made the seamless amalgamation of pictorial elements a virtual breeze, some prefer the physicality of blade and adhesive. Is there any real difference in the end result?

In this exhibition we explore the contemporary practices of photomedia collage, bringing together the red-eyed computer geeks with the sticky fingered artisans to journey through a world of intense imaginings and perverse beauty."

25 February - 3 April
Tue - Sun: 11.00am - 6.00pm
Galleries One, Two and Foyer
Curated by Alasdair Foster


Artists from the Red Eyes + Sticky Fingers exhibition talk with curator Alasdair Foster about the fine art of photo-collage. From the slice of the scalpel to the click of the mouse they talk about the passions and perverse pleasures of cutting up photographs and making something new and provocative from the pieces.

Saturday 24 February 2005
Director's Cut
1.00 FREE

WORKSHOP: Cut 'n' Paste

This interactive workshop is all about the art of cutting and pasting to create photo-media collages. After a brief introduction to the history of this long-established practice and some of the artists who have used it, participants will gets hands-on and explore the possibilities for themselves. Both analogue and digital methods will be covered, with an emphasis on creating cohesive and meaningful images that merge personal statement, aesthetics and technique.

Saturday 19 March 2005
2-6pm, $70 members/ $85 non-members (includes all materials)


Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2005

"The 19th Melbourne International Comedy Festival will be held in Melbourne, Australia from 23 March to 17 April 2005, starting with the highly-popular, televised Gala! on Wednesday 23 March. Tickets for the Comedy Festival Gala! will go on sale in early February 2005."

This festival incorporates the Raw Comedy Festival which is a national competition for 'Undiscovered Comic Geniuses'. They get to compete for a spot at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and a plane ticket to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


more space

more space is Space Furniture's publication. The one featured is No.4/2005. It features the companies they represent obviously, but also interviews with designers and collectors of design. Available free from their showroom.

There's a blurb in the contents page that says you can subscribe to it for free. It says: "To subscribe to more space magazine send your nalme, address and company details via email cleaerly marked MORE SPACE SUBSCRIPTIONS to" Don't know if they just send it locally or to O/S as well.

Thursday, December 30, 2004


Looking for some dinner out when some other plans got cancelled. Decided to go to Crown St. Prasit's take away was very full so thought we'd try Neil Perry's XO restaurant across the road. The food is Asian influenced. The dishes tried were: Roast Bar Cod Fillet with Fragrant Green Curry, Crisp Pork Belly with Sichuan Hot, Sour, Sweet and Salty Dressing, Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables, and Heavenly Chocolate Cake with Fragrant Cream. The food was very rich and strong in flavour.

For great looking pics of the food, go to Neil Perry's website. (I took the photos with the Motorola A835 phone, with no flash).


Opulent magazine

Whilst at Tropicana, I picked up a copy of Opulent magazine - freebie publication from Melbourne. It's a b/w A5 sized publication with a colour cover. "Launched in mid-2004 we focus on music, art, fashion, film and culture. Opulent features both new and established writers, photographers and artists."


Tropicana caffe

Had some hazelnut gelato at the Tropicana caffe in Darlo. Sighted Nick Giannopoulos there. He was wearing sunnies. People just left him alone anyway.

Where: 227 Victoria St, Darlinghurst.

Space Furniture sale on till end of January 2005

Went to the Space Furniture showroom yesterday. They're having a sale till the end of January. Some of the items have been discounted by up to 50% off. I was told that Space had ordered a lot of stock for some of the items and so they were on sale too, even though they're still current and have been staple classic items for years. So it's a great time to have a look at the showroom, and to get a beautiful piece of designer furniture at a sale price. The showroom is always inspiring to walk through.

Top left: Kartell's Icon light by Ferrucio Lavianni
Top right: Ground floor of the showroom
Middle left: Edra's Sushi lounge by F & H Campana
Middle right: B&B Italia's Soft Wall by Gerhards Glücker
Bottom left and right: Wall display at the Space showroom

Address: 84 O'Riordan St, Alexandria. Ph: 02 8339 7588.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Vodafone: Work for your favourite charity and get paid

The Vodafone Australia Foundation are offering 4 Aussies the opportunity to work for their dream charity for a year, anywhere in Australia or the world, and be paid up to 50K in salary as well as helping you to meet airfare and other expenses.

Entries close 5pm, Thursday 31st December 2004.

To apply go to:

How to manage your time

Article on 'How to manage your time' in the ninemsn small business centre section. Has a few good tips.



Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I had a nice quiet one with the family.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Revolving apartment block in Brazil

"An unusual apartment building in (Ecoville, Parana) Brazil, each of whose 11 storeys turns independently, gives lucky residents 360-degree views of the eco-friendly city of Curitiba...

Each $400,000 apartment occupies an entire 287-square metre floor."


SMH food reviewers' picks

SMH article titled 'Fare thee well' where their food reviewers nominate the eateries that 'left a divine taste in their mouths in 2004.'


Look who's taking a huge slice of your charity

Article in SMH about charities contracting out their fund-raising efforts to companies such as Good Cause. Some figures and estimates are given as to how much of it goes to the collector and how much goes to the end recipient.


Have noticed a number of charities are now asking people to pledge 'an apple a day' which amounts to about $1 a day. It is obviously better for the charities to be able to get a regular, ongoing amount from each donor they sign-up, but if your income is variable or you want to be able to support a number of charities, it'd be good to also be able to donate once-off amounts. But many of the charities are no longer willing to accept one-off donations. It's a monthly pledge or nothing, which is a pity.

Freebie mags out on the street

The latest issues of Lucky Magazine, Stu, Cyclic Defrost, Cat, and Vice are out. You can pick up all of these along the shops on King St, Newtown. Not all design, record shops have all the magazines though.

Dumbo Feather 3 out

Issue 3 includes interviews with Steven Blaess and Caravana. Blaess is an industrial designer who's designed furniture for Edra and objects for Alessi among others. His story shows that he's got talent and perseverance. Caravana consists of Cath Braid and Kirsten Ainsworth. They're based in a small village in Northern Pakistan. They commission the local women to work on their clothing pieces. The designs are very elaborate and labour intensive. The story is about more than design, it's about these women's choice to live in Northern Pakistan and understanding and respecting the local people and their culture, as well as providing a way for some of the local women to earn their own money.


Sydney Festival - Jan 8-30

Covers events in the following areas: theatre + cinema, visual arts, dance, music, family, free outdoors, and forums + talks.


Flickerfest 2005 - Jan 7-16, Sydney

Flickerfest 14th International Short Film Festival is on January 7-16 at the Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach, Sydney. The festival tours nationally between January - March.

W: for bookings and for more info.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Breathe magazine

Came across the premiere issue of Breathe magazine the other day. Tagline is: inhale life. It's a New York based publication. Stories include: a couple of corporate high fliers who decided to quit their jobs and open an organic restaurant in New York, there's also a story about two journalist friends - one's still lives in the city and has just started a young family, the other has opted to follow Buddhism and lives very modestly and is a shrine keeper in a Buddhist retreat in Colorado. There's also a number of 'spiritual' type stories as well. The magazine presents alternative ways of life, and has some 'new-agey' bits in it as well.


Big Day Out 2005 - Sydney 26th Jan

Bands touring include: Powderfinger, Regurgitator, John Butler Trio, Evermore, Spiderbait and many others...

To check out the dates in your city, go to:

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Christmas recipes from Europe

Recipes for Italian Christmas strudel, Panforte and Vanillekipferl - moon-shaped buttery biscuits.

Article: Europe on a plate, Source: SMH

Can't paint but he's a winner

The Turner Prize worth $62,000 was awarded to experimental artist Jeremy Deller who says he can't draw, can't paint, and was told at school he shouldn't be an artist, and didn't go to art school.

His work that it is about "events" and "social interventions"

"Deller's eclectic back catalogue includes: making the world's most expensive cocktail ($620 worth of spirits, chasers and fruit) at Stringfellow's nightclub and then inviting guests to share it through straws; re-staging the 1984 miners' strike Battle of Orgreave at the original site with miners and actors (Mike Figgis then filmed it) and staging a concert of a northern brass band playing acid house music.

The work he submitted for the Turner Prize show at Tate Britain is no easier than previous work to categorise. It includes "a wall painting", or flow chart, in which lines join up words and phrases such as "acid house" and brass bands; a wall of photographs of strange memorials he has erected around the country to people he feels passionate about (dead miners, a cyclist killed near his home in north London, a bench he installed near the late Brian Epstein's home and a banner at Tilbury to commemorate the arrival of the Windrush with the first West Indian immigrants); a video of a Spanish street procession; and another of interviews Deller conducted in Texas with a survivor of the Waco slaughter and with a woman who once sold George Bush a hamburger."

Source: SMH.

People changing careers and earning good income

"A survey of 1100 workers by recruitment agency Talent2 found that 65 per cent of employees were not working in the industry in which they started their professional careers.

The research also revealed that 70 per cent of workers had changed career paths between one and four times in their working lives, while 42 per cent had changed jobs up to five times.

Changing careers could lead to financial benefits, with 48 per cent of people who had changed careers earning more than $90,000 per year, Talent2's Geoff Whytcross said."

Article: Braving the unknown

SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg

"SpongeBob came, naturally enough, from Hillenburg's interest in undersea life and a desire to create a character for kids that celebrated innocence. He envisioned SpongeBob as a square peg, awkward, goofy, eternally optimistic and strangely enthusiastic about the most mundane things.

" "There's this accelerated approach to raising kids now where we want to introduce them to as much as we possibly can and pack their days with as much as we possibly can and train them and have them be little experts on anything they can be experts on as soon as we possibly can," says Bill Fagerbakke, who voices Patrick Starfish on the show.

"And all that loses sight of the fact that the part of being a kid that leads you into being a creative kid is being bored out of your skull a lot of the time. You know, going on road trips where there's not a television in the car." "

Article title: Innocence pays off

Enough to make a landlord weep

Article in SMH about 5 people squatting legally in a house in the Eastern suburbs for $1/month.

"Mr Pupilli (archiecture student) and his flatmates are the beneficiaries of legalised squatting, the tenants of a "caretaker lease" between them and Waverley Council, the owner of the former State Emergency Service base.

For almost 12 months, it's been the pilot for CRASH Sydney - the Construction Industry Relief and Assistance for Single Homelessness project - run by a University of Sydney academic, Colin James.

The project, born out of a squatting controversy at Broadway, aims to use vacant buildings as short-term accommodation by persuading owners to let people stay in them as caretakers: mowing the lawns, keeping the place tidy ... and others out."


Graniph tshirts

Quite like some of the tshirt designs on

(Source: Jean Snow's blog

New candid camera for NSW police

"Police will be able to record motorists' conversations without their consent after legislation boosting police powers to use new in-car video (ICV) technology was introduced to the NSW parliament.

In an Australian first, the technology is being installed in more than 340 highway patrol cars across NSW at a cost of $8.6 million.

Previously, officers had to switch off the microphone and rely on video if a motorist objected to their voice being recorded.

"This legislation takes away that option for the motorist, ensuring the best result for operational tactics and boosting officer safety," (Police Minister) Mr Watkins said.

"The technology also protects police and members of the public against unfounded allegations of improper conduct and behaviour." "


Staying cool puts the heat on electricity grid

Increasing demand for air conditioners is placing pressure on the electricity grid.
50,000 air conditioners are sold in NSW each year, and this is "This is forcing NSW electricity companies to consider $5 billion in new spending on power stations and transmission lines to cope with the surge during hot weather. Similar problems are being faced in other states."

"Air-conditioners consume about 40 per cent more energy than traditional cooling, such as fans and well-designed, insulated and ventilated houses, says the Total Environment Centre.

The issue is whether it is sensible just to build more network capacity in response to this trend - a cost that will be borne by all electricity users - or to manage the demand, as Sydney has had to do with its water supply."

"There is no equity in the fact that someone can buy a large air-conditioner and impose, say, $5000 of cost on the system, and everyone else pays," said the general manager, network, of Energy Australia George Maltabarow.


Friday, December 3, 2004

Why stress can take years off your life

Article in SMH reporting that a team of researchers have found that "severe emotional distress may speed up teh ageing of the body's cells at the genetic level.

The study, which appears in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, also suggests that the perception of being stressed can add years to a person's biological age."


Tear Australia's gift catalogue brochure

Sighted a brochure/booklet titled 'Arguably the world's most useful gift catalogue' at a number of shops along King St, Newtown. It's one of the most creative and well thought through marketing campaigns I've seen. It really highlights the issues faced by the world's poor in a very clear and innovative way. It's presented similarly to a gift catalgoue but the items listed are things like: 'D Safe Water $15', 'F Rice Bank $25', 'L A Toilet $70', 'M Small Business Loan $100' etc.


Thursday, December 2, 2004

Leunig 2005 calendar

If you like Michael Leunig's cartoons, then you can get a free Leunig calendar in Monday's SMH. The cartoons are a lot of fun.


Ikea Homebush Bay Drive store opens today

The Ikea store at Homebush Bay Drive opened today. It is 26,000 sq m in size and consists of 46 fully decorated rooms full of ideas for the home.

Address: 1 Oulton Ave, Rhodes NSW
P: 02 9313 6400
opening hours: Mon - Wed 9am - 7pm, Thurs, 9am - 9pm, Fri, 9am - 7pm, Sat - Sun, 9am - 7pm


Broadway Cafe

Had dinner with friends at the Broadway Cafe last night. It's a nice, open, contemporary space. Kind of like a pub/cafe but maybe more on the cafe side. Had the steak sandwich with caramelised onions and chips. It was good. Price: $10.50. I've often driven past it but never noticed it before. A drawcard is the free wi-fi so you can take your notebook and enjoy a drink as well as work.

Details: Broadway Cafe, Ground Floor 166 Broadway Chippendale 2008, P: 02 9212 2007, a couple of doors down from Kinkos, and opp the Broadway shopping centre pretty much.

Edols Elliott Glass art sale - 11 + 12th Dec

Here is something not to be missed, ben edols >< kathy elliott

annual studio christmas sale
11th & 12th December 2004.
11am - 4pm

A diverse range of glass objects available, at or below wholesale price.
Wine glasses, vases, prototypes and experimental work.

Glass blowing demonstrations during the day.
unit 12 / 111 old pittwater road brookvale nsw 2100

p/f > 02 9938 6266 w >

Monday, November 29, 2004

Bridget Jones Diary 2

Saw Bridget Jones Diary 2 last night. It was a fun movie. Very corny.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Australian Surf Movie Festival – Take 3

11 December 2004 – 25 January 2005

"The Quiksilver Australian Surf Movie Festival presented by Tracks is heading into its third major season. Premiering in Tahiti on Saturday 4 December, Australian’s first screening is on Saturday 11 December at the Harbord Diggers in Sydney, and the Festival then tours the country.

Event director Tim Bonython has organised a record number of shows, with 40 screenings in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales in December 2004 and January 2005.

This year’s festival presents Tim’s eagerly anticipated new surfing documentary, BLACKWATER – The story of a place called Teahupo’o. Two years in the making, Blackwater is Tim’s second full-blown documentary since Biggest Wednesday. Over 50 interviews, unbelievable footage from 28 different cameramen and a story of the scariest, challenging surf location in the world called Teahupo’o in Tahiti.

As well as Blackwater, ASMF will be screening Layne Beachley’s behind-the-scenes flick, LIFE IN THE FAST LAYNE, as well as a story on one of the world’s hottest new surfers RY CRAIKE.

We will also look at a unique new event staged at the beautiful island of Tavarua in Fiji called the KELLY SLATER INVITATIONAL.

The festival line up also includes THE MENTAWAIS EXPERIMENT, a story of one of the world’s most playful surfing locations - the beautiful Mentawais Islands, Indonesia. It features Luke Munro, Ry Craike, Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds. Audiences will also see a short trailer of big wave madman Ross Clarke Jones’ life story, THE SIXTH ELEMENT.

Budding surf film producers are being given the chance to have their work seen. ASMF and Tracks have created a competition for amateur producers to submit five to 10 minutes of footage, with the producer asked to include a dog and a garden gnome as signature items in a short film. Not only will the winning entry have their short film included in this year’s festival, they will also win a great prize pack from Bose, Sanyo and Quiksilver."

Tickets: full $15.00 and concessions $10.00
Tickets on sale now online from and at selected outlets.

Check or email for further information.

Georgian eyes - exhibition on until Sunday 28th November

Photographs of colonial australian architecture by adrian boddy and christina gaudruno-freeman, virginia russell and rodney jensen (curator)

exhibition: 16-28 november 2004
gallery hours: tuesday to sunday 9am – 4pm
711 darling street rozelle nsw 2039


Digital Media Festival and seminars - 6-8 December

Motion Graphics - Video Editing - DVD authoring - High definition-Location audio
Where: Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Seminars info:

Vodafone SLAM Beach Volleyball Competition Tour

"Vodafone SLAM Beach Volleyball, now in it’s 5th year, has rocked Palm Beach in NSW every Summer to the tune of 1,200 participants and thousands of spectators. SLAM attracts everyone from amateurs to volleyball enthusiasts, crazy costumed teams, sexy bikini girls, spunky bronzed boys and lunatic beach lovers everywhere. And now for the first time, Vodafone SLAM is travelling around Australia and everyone’s invited!

Vodafone SLAM Beach Volleyball Competition Tour Dates, 10am-6pm:

Saturday November 20th Port Beach, WA
Saturday December 11th Manly, NSW
Saturday December 18th St Kilda, VIC
Saturday January 15th Surfers Paradise, QLD
Saturday February 19th Coogee, NSW

Entry fee is $30 per person for a team of 6 – and everyone who enters receives a free pair of Havaianas, Vodafone SLAM Visor & BONDS underwear. Teams commence the day in a round robin with the best in each round going through to play on to the final or be knocked out, whichever comes first!

Highlights of the day include celebrity appearances, the BONDS Fashion on the Beach search for the spunkiest and best dressed of the crowd, The Havaianas Hurl, Ella Bache sunscreen guys & girls and Corona Fiesta after-parties in each state."


Annette Russell - Time Suspended - 17 November to 5 December 2004

"Continuing with my interest in the potential of the everyday. I have used cloth and my drawings of cloth as source material and a slow exposure camera as my paintbrush. Exploring ideas of the real and the abstract and the point at which they meet

The early images in the series are still very connected to the form of the shirts they came from. The final group has become something entirely of their own –suggesting landscape, moving closer to abstraction.

A painter who takes photographs, I am concerned with the formal elements of a painting – spatial relationships, composition, and colour. The boundary between what is a drawing, a photograph, painting and how they feed each other in my process.

Pinhole Photography continues to fascinate me with its “accidents” of time. Under or over exposure to the graduations of white to black in charcoal has produced a surprising range of colour. The images are strangely harmonious and almost old fashioned in their palette. Intuitively where I point my camera, the time of day, which compositions are saved from the cutting room floor, combined with the unpredictability of the tools I use, mean these elements are equal partners in my work.

As Degas said “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” "


Warwick Orme - Floranova 3 photographic exhibition on until Sun 28th Nov

Floranova 3: Recent photographic works by Warwick Orme
Shapiro Gallery
162 Queen St, Woollahra
Wed to Fri 10am-6pm
Sat and Sun 11am-6pm


Supanova Pop Culture Expo - Brisbane April 9-10, 2005

"ANDY SERKIS, the man behind the stunning realisation of Tolkien’s tormented soul, SMEAGOL and his alter-ego GOLLUM, for the big screen, is coming to Brisbane in April. The actor caught the world by its heartstrings in THE TWO TOWERS and was the undisputed star of that film. In fact director Peter Jackson loved his work so much he hired Mr. Serkis to also portray the big Kahuna himself, KING KONG, in next year’s most-anticipated epic.

Details: April 9 & 10, RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane.

Elements of Earth art exhibition

26 November 2004 to 8 January 2005

'ELEMENTS OF EARTH' features new contemporary work incorporating rudimentary earth themes in a range of media. Included in the exhibition is 'DIRT LINES', an exciting new series of warm abstract landscapes by contemporary artist Candyss Crosby, a selection of unique wood carvings and wall sculptures by Andy Schmidt & Tom Goldschmidt, ceramics by Byron Bay artist Suvira McDonald, abstracts by Karen Langman and John Scott, and illustrations by Philippe Moreau. 7.20pm Special guest performance by percussionist Mike Almond & The Feel Rhythm Band.

the artRoom Upstairs
Level 1, 106a The Corso, Manly NSW 2095
11.00am - 6.00pm Sat - Wed, Thursday & Friday by appointment
P: 02 9976 5226


Rebel Billionaire show

Richard Branson's Rebel Billionaire show will start airing on Channel 7 at 9.30pm starting on Monday night on Oz tv. Fox have aired 4 episodes so far. By some media accounts, it doesn't seem to be doing as well as Trump's The Apprentice. I had a look at the episode guides to see what the show is about. Branson's challenges also have a physical element to them. The physical bits reads a bit like The Amazing Race. So it would seem he wants his chosen one to be a bit of a daredevil like himself, rather than focussing purely on the business side of things.


Thursday, November 25, 2004

Australians work longest hours in the developed world

"New research by the Australia Institute shows we now outrank all other developed nations in terms of hours on the job. In fact, we spend an average 1855 hours at work each year - that's a good 200 hours more than employees in other countries."

Clive Hamilton attributes long hours to workers feeling job insecurity and higher lifestyle, material expectations to the increase in work hours.


RESFEST 2004 Digital Film Festival

3-7 December, Melbourne, 9-12 December, Sydney
Tix now on sale:

Design is Kinky & Semi-Permanent are proud to support the upcoming RESFEST event which is soon to hit Australia.

"Welcome to the Eighth Annual RESFEST Digital Film Festival! Get ready to enjoy our biggest festival yet, with programs that include short films, music videos, motion design, live music, guest speakers and much more. In the next four months, the festival will take place in 33 cities in 13 countries on six continents. It is the largest festival of its kind.

Each year we travel the globe and watch thousands of films in search of outstanding works to program. In reviewing this year's 1,500 submissions, we found many works that reflect our strange and uncertain times. In light of that, we've put together a special shorts program, Bushwhacked!, highlighting filmmakers' responses to the political climate in advance of this year's US presidential election."

Resfest website:

Japanese Film Festival in Brisbane and in Sydney

"The 8th Japanese Film Festival will run from Wednesday 24 November until Friday 26 November at the South Bank 5 Cinemas in Brisbane.

It then moves to Sydney, running from Monday 29 November to Friday 3 December at Dendy Opera Quays Cinemas.

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW from South Bank 5 Cinemas and Dendy Opera Quays Box offices, and are only $7 for daytime sessions and $10 for evening sessions.

The Festival presents a showcase of contemporary Japanese films, from the heart-felt family drama QUILL to the animated adventure TOKYO GODFATHERS.

The multi-award winning samurai drama WHEN THE LAST SWORD IS DRAWN won Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor at the 2003 Japanese Academy Awards. The film is set during the Meiji Period in the late 1800s, and tells the story of a common samurai in turbulent times. Yoshimura leaves his loved ones and the hardships of his poor clan, to seek his fortune in the big city, in a renowned samurai faction. This poignant drama unfolds amidst a fascinating and chaotic period in Japan's history.

The enchanting TOKYO GODFATHERS takes us to the snowy streets of Tokyo, where a runaway, a drunk and an ex-drag queen will be thrown into adventure after stumbling across an abandoned baby.

The Festival also features feel-good dramas and jet-setting love stories, traversing the gamut of human emotions, which may leave you laughing or crying, or both!

QUILL is based on a true story about a Œseeing-eye¹ Labrador puppy and director Sai Yoichi moves audiences with his remarkable story of the life of a seeing-eye dog and the visually impaired. QUILL was the highest grossing film of 2003 for the legendary Japanese production company Shochiku.

The Festival features three other Shochiku films, LOVE COLLAGE, HEAVEN'S BOOKSTORE and FIREFLIES: THE RIVER OF LIGHT.

Screening times are listed below. For detailed film synopses please visit or

Due to Festival Exemption Classification, all films except QUILL and SILENT BIG MAN (both family dramas rated PG), are rated 18+


Wednesday November 24
6.30pm - QUILL (PG)

Thursday November 25
10.30am - QUILL (PG)

Friday November 26
10.30am - QUILL (PG)


Monday 29 December
Opening Gala - Invitation Only

Tuesday 30 November

Wednesday 1 December
11.00am QUILL
6.30pm FIREFLIES:RIVER OF LIGHT (with director Sugawara Hiroshi)

Thursday 2 December
6.30pm QUILL

Friday 3 December
11.00am QUILL
1.00pm Panel with visiting Japanese filmmakers, at The Japan Foundation, Chifley Plaza 6.30pm SILENT BIG MAN 8.45pm GHOST IN THE SHELL 2: INNOCENCE (SOLD OUT)

The 8th Japanese Film Festival is sponsored by JAL, NYK Logistics, Madman, Ambience, JALpak. It is presented by the Japan Foundation Sydney, and the Consulates-General of Japan in Sydney and Brisbane, and supported by the Kinokuniya Bookshop, Dendy Cinemas and South Bank 5 Cinemas. The Festival¹s presenting partners are the Sydney Asian Pacific Film Festival (SAPFF) and ImagineAsia, promoting the best of Asian film in Australia."

Source: Paul de Carvalho, MD of ImagineAsia, E:

Roughcut - a FREE event hosted by Sony - Dec 11

"On Saturday December 11, Sony will host Roughcut, a FREE event to aid budding filmmakers planning on entering Sony Tropfest 2005.

Who should attend?
Roughcut is an event for filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers looking for a better grasp on some of the technical aspects of filmmaking such as cinematography, camera operation, editing and sound. You should consider attending if you are:

» A first time Tropfest entrant or film director
» A previous entrant looking to hone some of your technical filmmaking skills
» Aspiring Director of Photography or Cinematographer

What You'll Learn
Roughcut will include invaluable sessions on a range of filmmaking topics set to arm you for the toughest film competition in Australia.

Special guest and renowned Australian Director Of Photography Pieter de Vries ACS will provide key insights and tips including how to use focus, depth of field and lighting for maximum dramatic impact.

Attendees will also be able to pick the brains of Sony's digital video gurus, who will be on hand to cover issues such as equipment selection and use and digital formats, including the mind blowing new HDV.

Sony Tropfest Project Director, Serena Paull will highlight some of the major pitfalls, tricks and common mistakes for entrants and take you through the judging process. Finally, three- time finalist and past winner, Tim Bullock will discuss his filmmaking experiences, culminating in winning Sony Tropfest in 2003.

If you're planning on entering Sony Tropfest 2005, you'd be mad to miss Roughcut!

Date: Saturday, 11 DecemberTime: 10.30am - 5.30pm
Where: NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art), Randwick, Sydney

Securing your Place
For your chance to be one of just 350 lucky attendees* at Roughcut, register your details now! Hurry - registrations close 29th November!"


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy - The Exhibition: 26 December 2004 - 31 March 2005

"Enter the fantastic world of Middle-earth when the international blockbuster The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy – The Exhibition arrives at the Powerhouse Museum.
Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to go behind the scenes of the hugely successful film trilogy and see props, costumes, artefacts and film footage, as well as discover the secrets behind the trilogy’s award-winning special effects.

Experience the film trilogy’s cutting-edge technology, extraordinary array of costumes and exclusive interviews with the cast, crew and director Peter Jackson. The exhibition culminates in an atmospheric encounter with The One Ring.

The Powerhouse is the only Australian venue for this extraordinary exhibition which has attracted record-breaking crowds on its international tour.

For more info and to buy tickets, go to:

Australia from Space: NASA Astronaut Story Musgrave -28 November

"One of NASA's most distinguished astronauts, Dr Story Musgrave, will be speaking at the Powerhouse Museum on Sunday November 28. Dr Musgrave, who made 6 flights on the Space Shuttle, will present a performance called “Australia From Space”, in which he will share spectacular views of our continent taken from on-board the Space Shuttle. Afterwards, he will be signing copies of his book of images by the same name, as well as his new biography, Story: the Way of Water."

When and where: 28 November, 12.30pm, Coles Theatre

This talk is free with entry to the museum. This is an unbooked event and seating is limited so be sure to arrive early!

W: 12.20am

d factory - Thu 25 November - free event

6pm – 7pm
Drinks and music from DJ Sleepy Robot in the Café

7pm - 8pm
Join host Nell Schofield for a chat with Cameron Tonkinwise of the University of Technology, Michael Alvisse of Schamburg + Alvisse and Peter Stutchbury of Stutchbury and Pape. This month our speakers will discuss how new ideas, technology and innovative design solutions are helping create a more sustainable future. Whether designing products or built environments, designers are re-thinking materials and challenging traditional values and attitudes about design.

8pm – 9pm
More music from DJ Sleepy Robot

WHEN: Thursday 25 November, 6.00pm – 9.00pm
WHERE: Powerhouse Museum, Courtyard Café – enter via Macarthur Street


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Protect your Design - 30 November

"Have you ever wondered how you can better protect and profit from your creativity? Get the facts and make sure your work is properly protected.

Learn how the Designs Act 2003 can help you Find out how to protect and commercialise your designs Gain understanding of the difference between trade marks, designs and copyrights Listen and talk with experts about your design protection issues IP Australia, the Federal Government agency responsible for granting rights in patents, trade marks and designs, is holding a free information session on the new Designs Act 2003.

When: 7:45am - 9am
Tuesday 30 November 2004
Venue: Novotel Century, Sydney

After each session the speakers will be available to answer your specific questions. Light refreshments will be served.

Register online at

For further enquiries contact IP Australia on 6283 2394."

Source: AGDA website

Last few days

Caught up with a friend from high school on Friday night. We did the karaoke thing at a place on Pitt St, close to Liverpool St. Haven't done this in years. They had a security person at the door who looked through our bags and waved a sensor type device close to the body from head to toe. I guess it was supposed to beep if it sensed something. We were then let through.

We just selected letters of the alphabet at random and just selected any song we recognised. Lots of golden oldies. Didn't see any really new ones - but it probably takes a while before they turn new songs into karaoke releases.

Went to the Cube bar/cafe on George St afterwards for some coffee and cake.

Had a quietish weekend - did some repotting of some plants that were leaning over, did some cleaning, washing, admin type things, cooking etc.

Had a nice teriyaki chicken dinner box at Asakuse - costs approx $20 for two people. Tasty food. Great value. Followed up with a hot chocolate at Cinque, King St, Newtown last night.

Had dinner at the Drummoyne Rowing Club tonight with the folks. It's nice food with water views. Pretty reasonably priced too. Had the grilled seafood plate and a passionfruit creme brulee with ice-cream. Would recommend both dishes. The friend I caught up with on Friday night and I keep a mental list of places that serve creme brulee. So will add this place to the list.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Sushi train - Newtown

Felt like some Japanese food on Tuesday night. Walked past the Sushi train place at 316A King St, Newtown. Looked really good so tried it out. There was lots of variety and the food was very fresh and yummy! The decor is very nice too - contemporary, brown tones, wood, flat tv screens, brown cube stools, metal lights.

Didn't realise they are from the same group as the Sushi train place in the Hoyts cinema in the city which I have gone to numerous times.


Monday, November 15, 2004

CSIRO Solve Issue 1

"SOLVE is designed to provide a “heads up” to business and industry of the emerging science and technology that is coming through the pipeline from CSIRO.

SOLVE will inform industry of CSIRO’s current research activity –

SOLVE will be produced and inserted quarterly (November, February, May, August) in the Australian Financial Review (AFR) on a Monday"

The first issue is available can be read online or downloaded in pdf format at:

There's an article in this issue titled: WATER: Solving our water headache
Australia is short of water and the situation is getting worse. What is needed is a whole new approach to how we think.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Spanish Quarter Fiesta photos

Photos taken on Sunday November 7 at Liverpool and Kent Sts, Sydney

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Last couple of weeks

Went to the Sydney Open Day organised by the Historic Houses Trust last Sunday Nov 7. Did lots of walking. Great day. Started at World Tower. Louise Cox happened to be stationed at the lifts. Absolutely fantastic views! The place that was open for viewing is a place that you can rent for a short stay - like a hotel. There are also apartments available to buy. You can get a studio (no parking) from $365K which is approx 50 sqm. A 1 bdrm from $403K, 65sqm etc up to over $1m.

Also saw the new refurbished Mint on Macquarie St. It's a very beautiful space. They've stripped back a lot of the building to expose it in it's original state. Apparently there have been so many layers of history that you could keep stripping it back and restoring it back to a former period.

Saw the new Utzon room in the Sydney Opera House.

Went to Harry Seidler's building - Australia Square and had access to the L6 - the ninemsn offices. Very open plan offices. All the workstations seem to have heaps of toys displayed on the monitors, on the desks etc. Just did a quick walk around.

Saw the Wintergarden area of the Minter Ellison - law offices in Aurora Place.

Will post some up when I get a chance.

Saw a few other places as well. Was pretty hungry by 5pm. So got some sushi train plates at the George St cinemas - which is always packed and has yummy dishes, then went back to the car and then went to Eastwood for a Chinese dinner with family.

Walked by Liverpool St and saw the Spanish Festival was on in full swing. Lots of Spanish restaurants had food stalls in the street. There was also flamenco dancing, live bands, and all sorts of entertainment happening. Very lively.

Got a few DVDs out over the last week or so including: About a Boy - funny, great feel good movie, great place Hugh's character's got, Bulletproof Monk - fun action movie - v.cliched, caricatured plotline and characters for the 'baddies' and some imitation Matrix movies but still fun, All I want - has Elijah Wood, Franke Ponte and Mandy Moore in it, ok, fun movie, American Splendour - great, great movie! really loved it!

Project Greenlight Australia

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are bringing their reality TV series called Project Greenlight to Australia. It'll give local filmmakers an opportunity to win a $1 million production budget and theatrical release for their film.

Pay TV channel Movie Network will run the Australian contest. The series follows a group of directors as they make an independent film where a winner will be selected.

Entries can be submitted from Nov 10.

SMH article:

Project Greenlight's website:

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Robots ready to take over the home

"About 1.3 million "personal or domestic service robots" were in use at the end of 2003 and their number is set to expand by 6.7 million until 2007, the UN's Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) said in a survey released on October 22."


The Asian aesthetic

This article by Mark Cousins talks about the emerging influence of Asian cinema in the West.

"As the art form most swayed by money and market, cinema would appear to be too busy to bother with questions of philosophy. Other Asian nations are proving that this is not the case. Just as deep ideas about individual freedom have led to the bracingly driven aspirational cinema of Hollywood, so Buddhism and Taoism explain the distinctiveness of Asian cinema at its best. In Venice in 1951 and Cannes in 2004, audiences left the cinemas with heads full of dazzling images. But the greatness of Rashomon, Ugetsu, 2046 or House of Flying Daggers is, in the end, not to do with imagery at all. Yes, they are pictorially distinctive, but it is their different sense of what a person is, and what space and action are, which makes them new to western eyes."


Friday, October 29, 2004

Houses of the Future - until Sunday 31st Oct

Clay House. Architect: Tone Wheeler of Environa Studios

Concrete House. Architect: Peter Poulet of the NSW Government Architects Office

Went to see the Houses of the Future exhibition yesterday. It was great! They had fact sheets to collect and the names of the products used were on display. You could walk through the houses. I liked the 'green roof' with the plants on top of the concrete house, and the artwork on the concrete walls by Peter Poulet was really cool. I liked the flexible, movable units in a couple of the houses too. They included kitchen benches, wardrobes, and beds, that were on wheels and made of steel and bold laminate colours. They were produced by Interspace. Go and see the exhibition if you have time!

Blurb from City of Sydney website: "An exhibition of six cutting-edge homes built to celebrate the Year of the Built Environment. Constructed in steel, timber, clay, concrete, cardboard, and glass, the houses show new developments in affordable, sustainable and prefabricated housing and are large enough for visitors to walk through."

Location: Sydney Opera House Forecourt
Dates: 15 - 31 October
Time: 9.30am - 5.45pm


Thursday, October 28, 2004

sydney open epilogue - 7 November

harry seidler; richard francis-jones; richard johnson; philip vivian; ellen woolley; bob nation; lawrence nield; barry mcgregor; tim greer; neil durbach

The Epilogue will make an entertaining conclusion to Sydney Open with a cast of some of Sydney’s most talented architects each giving a seven minute presentation based on, but not necessarily restricted to, a building open during the day. An insightful and witty end to a day of architecture.

sunday 7 november at 5.30 pm at the sydney opera house.
tickets are $25 plus gst. bookings can be made through
the opera house box office on 9250 7777


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

nothing flash - UNSW student photographic exhibition

a diverse exploration of student photographic work. Official opening night: Friday 29 October, 5:30 - 7.30pm

When: 25 October - 4 November 2004
Where: foyer space, Red Centre West Wing

Slidenight - Remo Giuffré - Nov 2

Remo Giuffré, lawyer, branding guru, thinker is the founder of the iconic (and now exclusively online) REMO [], and cofounder of the General Thinking Network []. Although not formally trained as a designer, Remo has been dreaming, designing & doodling for much of his life.
Where: The Spanish Club, Level 2, 88 Liverpool St, Sydney, 6.30pm.


Art After Hours - Richard Johnson - Wed 17 Nov

Richard Johnson, Architect of the new Asian wing at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, will discuss the influence of Japanese architecture on architectural projects he's been involved with, including the Gallery's Asian wing and the Australian Embassy in Tokyo. 6.30pm.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sydney Food & Wine Fair - Saturday 30 October 2004

Come face to face with Sydney’s hottest talent at this year’s Sydney Food & Wine Fair, Saturday 30 October from 12 Noon in Hyde Park North.

Now in its 14th year, this annual flagship fundraising event for the AIDS Trust of Australia, presented in association with major sponsors Sydney Morning Herald Qantas Good Food Month and City of Sydney, celebrates with over 110 stallholders from Sydney’s leading restaurants, cafes, baristas and winemakers, all in the name of charity.

Be early on the day, food and wine stallholders operate promptly between 12noon to 2.00pm and entertainment including celebrity chef demonstrations feature throughout the afternoon till 6.00pm. Entry to the park is FREE. Food & wine vouchers can be purchased on the day, with all proceeds to the AIDS Trust of Australia.


destination - Graduate Exhibition for Enmore Design Centre, Sydney

destination is the Graduate Exhibition for the Third Year Graphic Design students at Enmore Design Centre.

The theme destination is all about the diverse places we have come from, where we are now and where we want to be. The theme also reflects certain areas in design we gravitate towards, such as print, web and multimedia.

The exhibition is a display of all the work from the graduating students, showing their individual journeys through skills, strengths and goals they have learnt and attained while studying the course.

Exhibition runs from Thurs 25 Nov to Sun 28 Nov
Opening night: Wed 24 Nov
Opening hours: 10am to 6pm
Venue: The Muse Building C South Wing TAFE Sydney Institute, Corner Harris St and MaryAnn St Ultimo, NSW


Friday, October 22, 2004

Evermore - NZ band tour dates and store appearances

I first heard Evermore whilst walking past Hum records on King St, Newtown on a recent Sunday afternoon. I heard this really cool music and looked saw the band playing live inside the store. They're a great band playing great music!

Here are their upcoming tour dates:

Wednesday November 10 - Karova Lounge, Ballarat, VIC
Thursday November 11 - Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC
Friday November 12 - Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday November 13 - Enigma Bar, Adelaide, SA
Wednesday November 17 - Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour, NSW
Thursday November 18 - Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, NSW
Saturday November 20 - Metropole Hotel, Toowoomba, QLD
Sunday November 21 - Troccadero, Surfers Paradise, QLD
Wednesday November 24 - Back Door, Penrith, NSW
Thursday November 25 - ANU Bar, Canberra, ACT
Sunday November 28 - Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW

and instore appearances:

Saturday October 23 - Leading Edge Musicscene, Indooroopilly Mall, QLD at 11am
Sunday October 24 - HMV, Queen St, Brisbane, QLD at 12:30pm
Tuesday October 26 - Prosound, Narrabri (does anyone know where Narrabri is? Is it even real? Are they making this up to confuse me?) at 4pm
Wednesday October 27 - Virgin Megastore, George St, Sydney at 1pm
Thursday October 28 - Soundworld, Newcastle, NSW at 12:30pm
Sunday October 31 - HMV, Erina Fair, Central Coast, NSW at 1pm
Sunday November 7 - Trax Music, Whitfords Shopping Centre (come on, they're just adding these in so we're all impressed with how many instores they're doing) at 1pm
Friday November 12 - HMV, Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC at 4pm


Amazing Race 5 & The Apprentice 2

Enjoying watching these two shows at the moment. I can't help myself. I find myself reading the spoilers on the respective websites. But the shows are still fun to watch. If you want to find out who won the Amazing Race 5, it's on the website.

Amazing Race website:
The Apprentice website:

Anne Landa Exhibition and Award - 2 December to 13 February 2005

Six young and innovative artists have been selected for the inaugural Anne Landa Exhibition and Award - the first award exhibition in Australia for moving image and new media work.

The award has been established in honour of Anne Landa, a Trustee of the Art Gallery of New South Wales who died in 2002. This is the first in a biennial series of exhibitions, each with an acquisitive award of $25,000.

A panel comprising Juliana Engberg, Director of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Edmund Capon and Wayne Tunnicliffe, Curator of Contemporary Australian Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, selected the six artists whose work is represented in this exhibition. "We chose some of Australia's most innovative younger artists working with moving images for this first exhibition. The exhibition includes videos, DVDs, animations, and digital media. While the art ranges from the low-tech to the high-tech in approach, all of it reflects on the vital role of screen culture in shaping our lives."

Van Sowerwine's engaging animated girl invites us to play with her at a tea-party. As you interact with her screen image she responds to your suggestions, but playtime unfortunately becomes sinister as each decision you make on the doll's behalf has consequences. David Rosetzky's confessional videos consider how we represent our lives to ourselves and how our experience of self is affected by relationships with others. In Untouchable we look into three rooms whose inhabitants speak about an emotionally charged experience that is preoccupying them.

A subtle politics infuses Peter Hennessey's digital animation of the Voyager space probe and soundtrack of messages recorded for anyone in outer space who may encounter the voyager, greetings from earth to aliens. Guy Benfield constructs room environments and in a mock-ironic reprise of 70s performance art, he pours, splashes and rolls around in paint to make visceral, humourous, sexually charged art works recorded on video and played back in the final gallery installation.

Craig Walsh's projections of surprising images onto the Gallery's architecture confuse what the mind knows and what the eyes sees. A poetic beauty haunts Shaun Gladwell's low-fi videos of skateboarders, bike riders and break dancers as they take ownership of urban spaces, even momentarily, suggesting alternate ways in which we can we can live in a highly regulated physical environment.

"The exciting thing about the Anne Landa Award is that it will bring new faces, new work and new possibility into the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I can't think of a more true and fitting tribute to my mother. She was such a vibrant and passionate supporter of the arts and just loved encouraging new ideas. I know that she would think this award was pretty fabulous," said Sophie Landa.

The inaugural Anne Landa Award will be presented on Tuesday 18 January 2005 at 11am at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.


Monday, October 18, 2004

Good Food Month - October 2004

SMH's Qantas Good Food Month is on till the end of October. Some of the top restaurants around Sydney offer a main course and a glass of wine for $30. There are also outdoor events like the Night Noodle Markets, the desserts for $15 from 9-11pm at some of the top hotels and more.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Found Magazine

"we collect FOUND stuff: love letters, birthday cards, kids' homework, to-do lists, ticket stubs, poetry on napkins, telephone bills, doodles- anything that gives a glimpse into someone else's life. anything goes..."

The website is pretty cool. You can look at photos, notes and more that have been found.


The Sydney Morning Herald & The Age Small Business Shows

Dates: Sydney 19-21 October, Melbourne: 27-29 October. There are also seminars at the show including presentations by Michael Gerber and Kate Veale, Google, Search Advertising.


Philippe Starck's optical mouse

Microsoft have released a Philippe Starck designed optical mouse. It retails for $59.95.

W: and

Friday, October 15, 2004


A national karaoke competition will screen on SBS starting Sat 16th Oct at 7pm.

Karaoke in Australia is a website listing venues where you can practice karaoke and enter competitions. There are over 750 venues listed.

My Architect - film on Louis Kahn

"When the great architect Louis Kahn died of a heart attack in 1974, bankrupt and alone in a men's room in New York City, he left behind a shadowy private life and luminous buildings of lasting beauty. His mourners included not only his wife and daughter but the two children he had by women in long-term, clandestine relationships.

Kahn's only son, Nathaniel, was then 11 years old; some 25 years later, as a filmmaker, he set out to discover the man he glimpsed only fleetingly in childhood. The result is this remarkable film, an inspired homage to his father's work, and a bracing, bittersweet testament of filial love mixed with pain and compassion."

A number of architects have commented that this is a must see film.

Showing at the Dendy. W:

Art News Blog

"Art News Blog is a selection of visual art news, art reviews and art related stories online. We search the web for some of the more interesting art news stories published each day."

It is published by Australian painter Dion Archibald:

First sighted on Blogger's 'Blog of Note' page.

Motorised inline skates

Motosk8® is a motorised inline skate that can go 25mph. The high performance model can go 35mph. They retail for $US 749.


Adobe Indesign - free seminars in Australia & NZ

Adobe are running free seminars on Adobe Indesign.
Dates: Brisbane: 19 Oct, Sydney: 21st Oct, Auckland 2 Nov, Melbourne 11 Nov.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Taking graphics to fabrics - Tue 26 Oct in Melbourne

AGDA Melbourne are organising a talk titled: Taking graphics to fabrics.

"As graphic design pervades today's visual style, how do its language, trends and methodologies, its digital tools and techniques, influence fashion and fabric designers? We touch the garment, from initial concept to finished product."

Speakers are: Ivan Gomez of Vicious Threads and Matthew Carmody of Neo Tokyo.

Details: C.U.B. Malthouse Theatre, 113 Sturt Street, Southbank. Tuesday 26 October 2004, 6.30pm for 7.00pm start. Drinks and finger food provided following seminar.
AGDA, IAA, AIMIA & MADC members: $27.50. Non-members: $55.00 Student-members: $16.50, Student non-members $22.00. Above prices include GST.

More details:

Car Sharing in Australia - discussion paper and seminar

The Australian Greenhouse Office has published a discussion paper titled Car Sharing - An Overview at:

There will also be a seminar titled: Re-inventing the Private Car: changing personal mobility in the 21st Century for people interested in learning more about ideas and models of car sharing. Dates are Sydney: 16th November, Melbourne: 18th November.

W: for more details of the seminars.

Last weekend

Went to another uni friends' wedding on the weekend. It was great to catch up with lots of people I hadn't seen in a while. Many of the uni group are now living all the over the world now, so it's always good to catch up in person.

Wimbledon Movie

Just saw the Wimbledon Movie. It's a great, fun, romantic comedy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

NSW KM Forum - Thu Oct 7

"Please note we have a different venue tonight only which has been generously offered by PricewaterhouseCoopers at 201 Sussex St (just down the road from the usual venue). Come up to the meeting rooms/reception on level 10

Maureen Henninger from UTS on Competitive Intelligence and KM
The presentation will examine competitive intelligence and the role of CI units as one of the building blocks of an organisation's strategic decision-making. Competitive intelligence gathering and analysis should be the responsibility of the entire organisation, whether that organisation is commerical, non-profit or government. The presentation will give an overview of some of the techniques and strategies for providing knowledge of the environment in which organisations must make decisions.

Larry Langman - how a meaningful KM capability might be built
Larry is a long time forum member, you'll now him as the person always ready with an interetsing question or connection to make. Now, Larry's going to present to us on some of his work at Woolworths. (We have often wondered what he does there!)
The premise of this presentation is that KM professionals need to get engaged in IT projects. Not because of their skill at cutting code....rather because there is a lot happening in that space that cries out for the skills and expertise that a KM professional can bring to the party.
This presentation explores some of what's happening, and ranges across the things Larry's engaged in.

When: Thu 7th Oct. Turn up by 5:30pm, talks start at 6pm. Finish at 7:30pm. Then down the road for drinks and chats.

Where: PricewaterhouseCoopers, 201 Sussex Street (corner of Druitt) level 10
If you get lost call James Digges on 0414 191 009"


2004 Newtown Festival - Sun Nov 14

The Newtown Neighbourhood Centre Celebrating the Community for 25 years with the Newtown Festival. Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown. Sunday, November 14th, 2004.


25m computer users find phone talk cheap

From The Age: "First it was KaZaA, used by 300 million mostly teenaged "pirates" to get free music over the internet.

Now, from Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis - the two Scandinavian computer programmers who gave us KaZaA - comes Skype, software that makes phone calls virtually free and unlimited.

Nearly 25 million people around the world, many in Australia, have downloaded the free software from - and the number was increasing by 100 a minute yesterday afternoon."


Last weekend

Had a busy weekend. Went to the Hunter Valley for a friend's wedding on Saturday. Drove up on Saturday morning. Got back that evening. It was good to catch up with everyone. Lots of digital cameras. Lots of food and drink. Lots of celebration.

Went to the Art Gallery of NSW on Sunday. Had a look at the Celestial Silks exhibition. So much meaning in each gown. The gowns were gorgeous. Wandered through the rest of the gallery as well. Very busy. They had an art poster sale on as well.

Enjoyed a nice, relaxing day on Monday.

50 Coolest Websites - Time Magazine

Time Magazine has compiled a list of the top 50 websites they rate as the coolest, covering: News and Information, Lifestyle and Culture, Communities, Tools and Essentials, and Just for Fun.


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

NIDA Play Season and Design Exhibition - till Oct 23

Plays: Who's Afraid of the Working Class, The Grapes of Wrath, The Clink, and Thark.

NIDA Events
The Design Exhibition is a collection of works by graduating NIDA Design and Crafts students, in the Nancy Fairfax Foyer from 13 October 2004. The official opening, by John Bell AM Artistic Director, Bell Shakespeare Company, will occur on Friday 15 October at 6:30pm..


Inside Australia series: Everyone Loves a Wedding - starts tonight on SBS at 7.30pm

Inside Australia returns with Everyone Loves A Wedding, an engaging new eight-part documentary series that explores how 16 culturally diverse couples cope with their 'big day'. As the melting pot bubbles away, many more Australians are choosing to marry outside their ethic background and customs, family and culture become entwined as people fall in love with others from different backgrounds. Wedding customs are as mixed as our cultural makeup. At no other time are cultural traditions celebrated with such passion as at a wedding. While a wedding is a milestone for the bride and groom, it also provides a context in which their families and communities can share in celebrations. In Everyone Loves A Wedding, red-brick houses in Aussie suburbia provide the backdrop for these colourful celebrations of love and emotion. (An SBS Production, in English)

WOW International Film Festival - Oct 23

The WOW International Film Festival today confirmed that award-winning films from Festival International de Films de Femmes de Creteil 2004 will be screened at this years film festival, on the 23rd October, 2004, at the Chauvel Cinema.

WOW, now in its 13th year, is the only festival in Australia showcasing the latest and best cinema created by female directors, producers and screenwriters from Australia and overseas. The one-day event will showcase a unique selection of short films and documentaries, with six short films from Creteil a festival highlight.

“Creteil is one of the most prestigious women’s film festivals in the world. We’re ecstatic that the Australian premiere of award-winning dramas from the latest Creteil Festival will occur at WOW 2004,” Elena Fauris, Festival Director said. “We are especially thrilled to be screening the Agnes Varda recent short film, ‘Le lion volatil.’” she added.

For more info:

Monday, September 27, 2004

Time to go John - premieres Sep 29

Rod Quantock - on the Time To Go John set

Filmmakers present a feature film about life under the Howard government - screening at over 50 venues nationwide.

With absolutely no budget and in less than seven weeks a group of experienced and award-winning Australian filmmakers have pooled together to create a feature length film about the effect of Howard’s government on Australia.

The filmmakers undertook to self-distribute the film so that it could be seen as many people as possible. According to the TIME TO GO JOHN national screening coordinator, Carmela Baranowska, the concept of house parties as a screening outlet is a relatively new one and the success of the technique demonstrates it is a legitimate way to get films out to a wide audience. House parties for the film have already been booked from Townsville in Queensland to St. Helens in Tasmania, from Corangamite in Victoria to Guildford in Western Australia, as well as internationally in Baghdad, Dili, Amsterdam and London.

TIME TO GO JOHN is a compilation of fifteen short films documenting pivotal moments throughout Australia's recent local and international history, from the GST to reconciliation. Made by some of Australia's best filmmakers and presented by comedian Rod Quantock, the film promises to pack all the punches and encourage voters to think carefully about their choice at polling time.

Mixed in with more serious documentary analysis of issues are some hilarious short clips. The film is diverse in subject matter and medium, showcasing a rich array of media disciplines and styles; it’s a multi-media feast of many talents. There’s everything from documentaries to music videos and even a fictitious advertisement to keep you on your toes. You will laugh and cry.

The film will screen at capital city cinemas including the Lumiere (Melbourne), Chauvel (Sydney), Schonnel (Brisbane), Mercury (Adelaide), Deckckair (Darwin), FTI (Perth), State Cinema (Hobart).

Check out the website for more details, screening times, and how you can host your own 'house party' screening:

Download, Peel and Stick, and All the World's a Gallery

Article in the New York Times about the emerging popularity of stickers. People can design stickers easily, put them up onto the web, then others download and print off the stickers and start sticking them all over the city, anywhere in the world, on telegraph poles, walls, anywhere. It's a quick, efficient and cost-effective way to get a message across.

Source: link first sighted on

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Speaking words of wisdom

Article in the SMH about Sir Timothy Berners-Lee's proposal for a standard for Speech Synthesis Mark-up Language. "SSML will bring high-quality synthesised speech to web interactions," says Sir Timothy. "Application designers for mobile phones, PDAs and a host of emerging technologies will be able to use it to gain control of important aspects of speech synthesis, including pronunciation, volume and pitch."

"W3C's Speech Interface Framework - a collection of specifications for building voice applications for the web - will allow an unprecedented number of people to use any telephone to interact with appropriately designed web-based services via keypads or spoken commands, and by listening to pre-recorded speech, synthetic speech and music," says Sir Timothy.

Full article at:

Boyfriend Arm Pillow

"The Boyfriend Arm Pillow is a Japanese product aimed at Japanese who like sleeping with their head on their partner's chest but don't have a partner to do it with, or have given up on the standard model and are trying to reconstruct a better boyfriend.

So far they've got the shape right and have it padded appropriately for comfort, they've eliminated all the sounds and smells of the standard boyfriend and have even added an alarm clock which gently shakes the arm when it's time to get up.

The synthetic boyfriend is not a full body pillow, only offering half length."

Sighted on 3 Sep 2004.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Young Practitioners in Big Practices talk - 29 Nov

Young Practitioners in Big Practices: Elizabeth Carpenter, Anna Power and Ben Hewett.
Intro: Olivia Hyde. How does a rising architect distinguish themselves amongst a sea of talent? Three rising stars discuss the imperative to sink or swim.

RSVP: or 9356 2955. Student Members free, Student Non-Members $7, Members $11, Non-Members $15.
Time 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Monday 29 November 2004. At Tusculum, 3 Manning St, Potts Point

Young Architects talk - 27 Sep

The talk on Monday 27 September at Tusculum, 3 Manning St, Potts Point is '3 in 1 - Matthew Gribben, Catherine Lassen and Eva-Marie Prineas'. Young architects tell the stories that have flavoured their architectural lives. Introduction by Celia Carroll. There will be no talk on Monday 4 October due to the Labour Day public holiday.

RSVP: or 9356 2955. Student Members free, Student Non-Members $7, Members $11, Non-Members $15. Time 6:00pm - 8:00pm.


Saturday, September 18, 2004

Square One research

Came across the Square One research website. Looks interesting. Blurb says: "Welcome to the Square One - Environmental Design Website, compiled by Dr. Andrew Marsh and Caroline Raines of Square One research and the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University. This site provides free information for architects, building designers, students and anyone else interested in energy efficient and sustainable design."


The Bureau of Ideas

"The Bureau of Ideas is a network of people engaged with provocative intellectual activity across Australia and worldwide.

The Bureau of Ideas targets multi-disciplinary ideas and thinkers drawn from the arts and theory (visual arts, performing arts, architecture, photography, film, design, music, philosophy and science).

The Bureau of Ideas is an incorporated body and a non-profit organization located in Perth, Australia, with consultants and associates across Australia, Europe and the USA."


Friday, September 17, 2004

This is Not Art Festival - Newcastle 30 Sep - 4 Oct

The This is Not Art Festival takes place from September 30th until October 4th showcasing the talents of over 300 young digital artists, writers, media makers and electronic musicians from around Australia. This is Not Art is an umbrella term for six different festivals and this year will offer over 250 free panels, presentations and workshops, four concerts and a huge festival club in and around City Hall, the Honeysuckle Precinct and the Civic Arcade, Newcastle. This is Not Art is organised by the Newcastle based non-profit arts collective Octapod.

This year the festival incorporates,
The National Young Writers' Festival (NYWF) – Not just writing, but writing in new forms such as poetry, hip-hop, writing for performance, comics, journalism and spoken word.

The National Student Media Conference – brings together student media producers, editors, journalists and writers for five days of learning, collaborating, skills sharing and networking.

Sound Summit – New and experimental independent electronic music, encompassing artists, record labels, producers, musicians, and industry types.

Electrofringe – Investigating new ways of using electronic and digital technologies to facilitate new types of art and music, from sound, video, gaming, online performances and audio visual integrations.

Critical Animals – Post graduates working in fields of creativity and critical thought get together for a rowdy discussion.

EAR (Environment Awareness Raising) Festival – For the first time, EAR joins TINA. to raise the bar on environmental thinking and activism.


30 Events to Celebrate 30 Years of the ACP Gallery

There are still a number of events still to take place at the Australian Centre of Photography's 30 year celebration. These include:

Tue 21/9: 13.00 Lunchtime Screening - InSight: Robyn Stacey
InSight: Robyn Stacey. Melding art and design, computer imaging and photography, Robyn Stacey makes visually arresting imagery. She talks about her developing career and how she 'discovered' she was an artist. Film and discussion with the artist.

Fri 24/9: 19.00 Courting Rebellion
doingbird magazine's Max Doyle, Malcolm Watt and Rachael Cassells present some of the hottest names in contemporary photography worldwide. These are the image-makers that operate at the creative interface between art and fashion, setting the pace for the world's leading style publications: COLORS, Dazed & Confused, Dutch, The Face, Index, i-D, Interview, V, Self Service, Purple, Vogue

Sat 25/9: 14.00 Talking Shop - The Language of Lifestyle
Broadcaster Lee Lin Chin hosts a panel discussion on the synthesis of art and popular culture in contemporary magazine publishing. Her guests are Catherine Caines (editor of newly launched The Insider magazine), Karen-Jane Eyre (editor-in-chief of Studio Magazines: not only Black & White, not only Sport, Blue etc.) Chris Searl (editor of Monster Children magazine).

Sat: 25/9: 15.30 Talking Shop - Self-Published Art
Artist and critic Peter Hill talks with artists and gallerists about the making and marketing of multiples and art books. His guests are gallerist Conny Dietzschold who specialises in the sale of multiples, photographer Ingvar Kenne and artist Jim Singline.

Check out the website for full listing and descriptions of the events taking place!

Promoting Your Blog

Article in the Blogger Knowledge website on Promoting Your Blog.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Place and Cyberspace - Slidenight talk tonight

Jack Barton and Viveka Weiley present their past and current work involving three-dimensional urban modelling, visualisation and mapping. The work explores the junction between technology, community, place and cyberspace. 18.30. 14 September. The Spanish Club


Small Business September 2004

Throughout the month of September 2004 you are invited to New South Wales’ premier small business event! Small Business September brings together 150 partners from State, Commonwealth and Local Governments, Chambers of Commerce, industry associations, private and community sectors to celebrate and recognise the achievements of small businesses in NSW.

The goal is to encourage business owners to attend business development activities that are outside their normal routine with the aim to enhancing business skills and knowledge, generating ideas and offering the opportunity for business owners to take time out to increase their network of business Contacts.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

No drain pain

Article on industrial designer Peter Kenchington's Smart Shower invention. "It recycles hot water that would ordinarily go down the drain" and save about 12 litres of hot water a minute.


National Solar House Day

Self-guided tours of more than 100 passive solar homes in Capital Citiesand Regional Centres around Australia and New Zealand today. Tix: $20 per person, $30 family, $15 concession. Goes from 11am-4pm.

For more info:

Monday, September 6, 2004

Primavera 2004: 2 Sep - 7 Nov - FREE exhibition

Exhibition by young Australian artists. 2 September - 7 November 2004.
Where: Museum of Contemporary Art

"Primavera is the MCA’s annual exhibition presenting work by Australian artists 35 years of age and under. Since its inauguration in 1992 Primavera has become one of the longest running and most successful exhibitions on the MCA calendar. Over its history this exhibition has profiled new generations of artists in fresh and innovative contexts.

Curator of the 2004 exhibition, Vivienne Webb, based her selection of artists around those working with materials in novel or challenging ways. Artists to be included in Primavera 2004 are Nick Mangan (VIC); Sandra Selig (QLD); Sangeeta Sandrasegar (VIC); Neal Smith (NSW); Roy Ananda and Julia Robinson (SA); Natasha Johns-Messenger (VIC); Tim Sterling (SA); Huseyin Sami (NSW); and PVI Collective (WA).

While many of the artists explore the ability of everyday objects and materials to convey and disrupt meaning, others utilise traditional artistic materials such as paint and paper. This exhibition offers the opportunity to examine the presence of three-dimensional work in current artistic and cultural contexts in the light of artistic precedents such as Minimalism, in which objects are presented devoid of cultural references; Pop Art, which engages popular culture with 'high art'; and Arte Povera, which addresses the intrinsic nature and poetic possibilitiesof materials.

Primavera was founded in 1991 through the generous benefaction of Ted and Cynthia Jackson, and the Jackson family, in memory of their late daughter Belinda."



Myluka is the website of Lisa M Blainey. She's makes beautiful, colourful bags, shawls and artworks out of the felt she creates.

"I create both beautiful merino wool, silk and alpaca felt and artworks from my studio on the Coral Coast at the base of the Great Barrier Reef. I like to think of the creation process as a bit of magic. You never really know what you are getting until the felt is dry..."


Went to Paddington on Saturday. Came across the Alicia Hollen store on Oxford St. Alicia is in the store on Saturdays. Her clothes are gorgeous - they look feminine, funky, vibrant, and beautiful. Plus they also fit the more curvy figures as well.

Then went to see Before Sunset at the Dendy, Newtown. Absolutely, totally loved the film!! The dialogue was great! Just as well too as it's a dialogue film basically for those who didn't know this. Maybe there's some 30 something consciousness or shared experience out there. I felt like a number of my Gen X friends would've related to it or been through similar experiences. It was written by Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

Then on Sunday had a couple of hours spare in the morning so went and had a look through the Space Furniture showroom in Alexandria. I'd seen a few of the fernando + humberto campana pieces in design talks and magazines etc but Space actually had their chair made out of bits of wood on display as well as their chair made of strips of fabric coming out from the centre on display. There were so many designer items on display! Kind of like a contemporary furniture museum - except everything was available to buy.

Then spent time with the family - Father's Day!

In the afternoon, it suddenly hailed. I've never seen the ground totally covered in little white ice bits before - not in metro Sydney anyway. It looked like it was snowing. It was so exciting! So I rushed out and took some photos. of the grass, the driveway, the trees covered in white. What a sight! Will try and post a photo or two up later.

Then went to the Peter Zumthor's 'The Magic of the Real' talk at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place. The talk was organised by the Australian Architecture Association. It was pretty much a full house. Zumthor was introduced by Glen Murcutt. He spoke for 2 hours. He showed some very beautiful images of his work, talked about various projects, what he was trying to achieve, the materials used and more.

Then picked up some Thai takeaway on the way back and watched some of Australian Idol. It's only fun if you vote so I put in a vote for quite a number of the contestants. Must be hard going through the competition. Looks like it's a very intense time for the contestants.

Friday, September 3, 2004

Cheapskate's guide to Sydney

Article in the SMH outlining some of the good deals around Sydney for an entertaining cheap night out. These include movie and theatre cheap nights, where to listen to free or cheap gigs and more. W:

Thursday, September 2, 2004

COFA Spring Fair 2004

On 11 September 2004, COFA hosts its annual Spring Fair.

Come and join in the free and fun festivities:WORKSHOPS – for adults and kids in ceramics, digital video, felting, batik and Shibori, illustration and 3D rendering, weaving, and colour experimentation.

SEMINARS – a unique series that aims, through involvement of well-known designers, artists, cartoonists, theorists, politicians, etc to uncover interesting issues and foster lively debate for all audience participants.

MARKET STALLS – with a wide range of hand-crafted goods made by emerging artists and designers including jewellery, clothing, paintings, ceramics, sculpture, bags, purses, slippers, children’s toys, belts, and other fashion accessories.

EXHIBITIONS – of painting, drawing, jewellery, ceramics, photography, printmaking, sculpture, animation and more.Use the links on the right to view the programme.


Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Sydney Talks

The Sydney Talks guide to events is back! The new website has been launched. The events are now listed online as well as being available in selected venues around Sydney.

"SydneyTalks is an independent guide telling you where to find the most interesting public talks and debates in Sydney. We feature events across a number of topics, including politics, science, history and the Arts. A shortened version of SydneyTalks is available in hardcopy from selected outlets."


When it comes to life, less is more

Short piece in the SMH on why less is more.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Slidenight: Farnan Findlay Architects

Small unknown Sydney based firm, Farnan Findlay Architects gets selected by super cool Wallpaper* magazine’s as one of 2003's top 10 architectural firms.

Find out what the fuss is all about, if it helped and how they did it as Joel Farnan and partner Michelle Findlay present a little bit of a mystery. (They have just finished jazzing up the Spanish Club front bar so check it out on the way up.)

18.30 31 August The Spanish Club Level 2, 88 Liverpool St, Sydney $5/$3 concession

Farnan Findlay Architects:
Slidenight website:

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Kick up the Dust - 25th September

Kick up the Dust is an annual competition with two categories of band and dance. This event provides a platform for multicultural young people (16 to 30) to express their passion for music and perform to a live crowd of up to 500. Most importantly, Kick up the Dust is for unsigned talents looking for a ‘break’. Six band and dance finalists will battle it out on stage on 25 September at the University of NSW.

A Different Corner Productions Inc. (ADC) is a non-profit voluntary organisation committed to bringing the Performing Arts to Australia’s culturally diverse community, as well as sharing cultural diversity to mainstream Australia via the Performing Arts.

6.30 – 11.00pm, Sat 25 Sep 2004
Science Theatre, University of NSW, Anzac Parade, Kensington
Tickets: $15 (pre-door), $20 (at door)



Went to Kirribilli markets on Saturday morning. It was pretty busy at around 9.30am. It was a nice and sunny day too. There were a number of stalls selling funky, designy second hand clothes. There were also a number of original craft stalls including spray painted, stencilled caps, jewellery, and bags. Also lots of the usual food stalls including fresh danish profiteroles, turkish gozleme, satay chicken sticks and more. The markets are literally right next to Millers Point train station. So it's pretty convenient!

Also saw the Bourne Supremacy last night. It's fast-paced and never boring. Lots of action. If you liked the Bourne Identity, you'll get more of the same in the second movie. Lots of fun.

Caught up with some friends for yum cha at New Marigold today. Then wandered across the road and had a walk through Paddy's markets. Got some really cool brown monkey slippers - reminiscent of some Sylvester slippers I had once. A bit of fun.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Choc Tops in the Attic - Sydney 31st August

An evening of conversation & discussion for actors, writers, filmmakers, film lovers & students of film.

Independent spirits, Aspasia and Jaimie Leonarder are stalwarts of the independent and underground cinema and music scene in Australia.

Based in the inner west in Sydney and inveterate travellers to all national festivals, Jaimie and Aspa have been running Sounds of Seduction, Mu-Meson screenings and Cult Sinema movies for a decade or more and it's largely thanks to their tireless work and boundless curiosity that a number of Australian film makers and musicians have gone on to achieve marked success in this country.

Their catalogue and knowledge of cinema and lost genres is second to none and it's for this reason that Jaimie recently landed the role of co-host on the new SBS 'The Movie Show' and Aspasia runs a Thursday show on FBI radio.

Their respective backgrounds are as colourful and diverse as their personalities and together they've carved a substantial and unique niche and immensely popular following in Australia - whether it be for their multimedia nights at the Mu-Meson Archives with bands playing sets between reels of lost Man from Uncle episodes and Conspiracy documentaries or their marathon gigs around town playing lost classics of the 60's with modern loops or the more homely Monday night screenings of Cult Classics at the Annandale Hotel.

Dangerously funny, passionate with just about everything and thoroughly beyond sane description, an evening with Jaimie and Aspasia is guaranteed to be a memorable event.

RSVP to Tony:
Free admission - NAFA networking meetings are Free

6.30 pm - Get in early
6.45 pm - Start with Castings, Industry & NAFA announcements
7.15 pm ? Panel discussion
8.30 pm - Close

When: 31st August, 6.30 - 8.30pm
Where: ArtHouse Hotel, 275 Pitt Street, Sydney