Friday, November 25, 2005

Edols Elliott - glassware sale

Edols Elliott consists of Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott. They're really talented glass artists.

They're having their annual Christmas sale which will include wine glasses, vases, prototypes and experiments at or below wholesale prices, on the 10th and 11th of December from 11am to 4pm.

Studio address: 12/111 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW
Ph/fax: 02 9938 6266

Monday, November 21, 2005


Pedestrian is a 'street magazine' in dvd format. They're also about to put the material on their website. The dvd covers fashion, music, art etc. It was started by Oscar Martin and Chris Wirasinha, both in their 20's.

AFR Boss magazine - November 2005 (magazine comes with the Australian Financial Review newspaper) issue did a feature on them. According to that article, they were working at Universal McCann and decided to do their own thing. They spent about $12,000 to buy a camera and and computer and taught themselves how to edit digital video, interviewed Tsubi, got advertisers on board, and then away they went.


Resfest 2005 - Dec 1-6, Sydney

"Get ready to dig into an innovative slate of short films, music videos, features, motion design, live music and guest speakers. Over four months, the festival takes place in over 35 cities in 15 countries, on six continents."

Keep it Curious is this year's festival theme. The program looks really interesting.

Sydney program:

Japanese Film Festival - 28 Nov - 2 Dec, Sydney

Films showing are: Hidden Blade, Hinokio, Go, Beat Kids, Horumaika, Not Yet, Ping Pong Bath Station, and Rampo Noir.

The Japanese Film Festival is being organised by The Japan Foundation, Sydney

Page for more info on individual films:

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hamachi-ya - Pyrmont

Hamachi-ya is one of the places I like to go to for lunch when I'm in the Pyrmont area. They have a lunch special of the day for $13 which includes a drink, miso soup, the main, often with a sashimi salad as well, and some melon for dessert. Their udon soups and rice with topping bowls are also really tasty.

They're at: Cnr Allen & Harris St, 261 Harris St, Pyrmont.
P: 02 9566 2866, 02 9566 2215. They're open for lunch and dinner.

Newtown Festival - Nov 13

Newtown Festival was absolutely packed out last Sunday. It seems to get busier every year. It was a very hot afternoon and it was very packed with people.

Martino Zanotta on Zanotta Italy - furniture - Nov 23

"‘Zanotta came to the fore in the heady days of the 1960s blasting onto the scene with ‘Sacco’, the original bean bag, and ‘Blow’, the world’s first inflatable chair: designs that changed a generation and shaped Zanotta into the likable protagonist
we know today.’

You are invited to celebrate the latest collection from Zanotta. Please join us for some lively discussion – with Karen McCartney, Editor of Inside Out magazine; Anne Watson, Curator of Design and Architecture at the Powerhouse Museum; Kevin Jarrett, Founder and Managing Director of Space Furniture; and Martino Zanotta, head of Zanotta Italy – on the optimism and radical ideas that re-shaped art, design and culture during the 1960s, and the continuing impact on design today."

When: Wednesday 23 November, 2005, 6 for 6.30pm
Where: Space Furniture, 84 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria. Parking Available
RSVP: Friday 18 November, 2005,
Phone 8339 7588"


dfactory - Nov 24 at the Powerhouse Museum

Special viewing of Sonic tai chi @ beta_space – an experimental environment where you can engage with the latest research in art and new technology.
Beta_space is a collaboration between the Powerhouse and the Creativity and Cognition Studios, UTS. more...

Meet at the main entrance to the Museum.

Drinks and music with DJ Sub Bass Snarl in the courtyard

Nell Schofield is back this month to chat with computer games and interactive entertainment experts Michael Young, Stacey Spiegel and Tracy Fullerton. Young is an expert on the use of artificial intelligence techniques, Spiegel is a visionary in interactive entertainment and education and Fullerton spends her time designing computer games and interactives.

More music with DJ Sub Bass Snarl


North Coast of NSW - free holiday pack

Tourism NSW can send you (an address in Australia) a free North Coast of NSW holiday pack with planner, driving map and great accommodation deals.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Snap Shop - 16-20 Nov, North Bondi

"Traditional retail is being given the boot, by Slingfings, and two other designers, Bask and Zaishu. We have joined forces in what is an innovative and sustainable approach to retail. Summer Snap Shop is a 5 day only gallery 'event' relying on word of mouth/street level promotion. It's about finding new and innovative ways to talk to our customers."

Bask - swim wear, homewares, cushions, throws etc: (only splash page on their website at the moment)

Zaishu - Japanese inspired, slot together seat / table / storage box decorated with designs and patterns from around the world which are printed directly onto plantation grown, native Australian Hoop Pine:

Slingfings - bags and clothing made out of reclaimed original vintage materials and manufactured using solar power:

Possible Worlds - 9 March 2006, Adelaide

Architecture Symposium: The Architecture of Imagination

"One of the most important roles of architecture is to visualise how else we may live and work. Whether in our everyday world, or in some other reality, architecture has the role of imagining how other environments might be."

Speakers: Lars Spuybroek (Principal of NOX Architects, Rotterdam), John Bell (Director of FXV, London), Andrew Benjamin (Professor of Critical Theory in Design and Architecture, UTS), Ian McDougall (Principal of Ashton Raggatt McDougall, Melbourne) and Sue Phillips.

An unmissable symposium for anyone interested in the future of design and our cities.

Lars Spuybroek appears as part of the Dutch Dare project.


Thursday, November 3, 2005

Rprsnt conference review

Went to the Rprsnt conference ( on Fri 14th and Sat 15th October at Luna Park, Sydney.

The event was organised by Luca Ionescu and Kevin Vo of Keep Left Studio ( - splash page). They're also the people behind Refill magazine (

Luca chose a lot of the speakers he's met or made contact with via his Refill magazine. He was already very familiar with the designers' work and his admiration and appreciation of their work showed through. So the program had that uniting theme of designers' work he admired. The selection was reaally quite diverse and consisted of designers who were into graffiti art to tattoo and photography to movie titles to textile art. Many of the designers' work had a 'street' or underground, DIY feel to it.

The presentations were delivered in interview format. That worked pretty well. Luca or Jason asked questions of the designers and this was interspersed with the designers' work. They had two large screens on either side, at the front, with one showing the show reel type images and video, and the other screen zoomed in on the designer/s being interviewed. They sat in the middle of the stage on beanbags or lounge chairs to make it look like they were sitting in a casual lounge room.

Supreme/aNYthing/Neckface. Neckface wore a ski-mask. Someone in the audience asked why he wore that and he said because that was who he really was. They produce
skatewear/streetwear. They were drawing since young and basically don't fit into 'conventional' society so they dropped out of school. Neckface said he was already participating in art shows and things and he didn't feel he needed to go to art class to learn what he was already doing. He said that people like his work and ask him to participate in shows and things, and they don't ask him what degrees he has. He was very anti-establishment. Just wanted to do his own thing, do graffiti, skate and stuff.

Collider ( They've completed a lot of commercial film, digital video and design work. They did the McDonald's 'Inner Child' ad. The music was composed especially for that ad campaign.

Marc Atlan ( couldn't make it due to the last minute personal reasons.

Odd Studio ( They consisted of 3 guys. They've worked on the Matrix, Star Wars Episodes II and III, and Superman and heaps of other stuff. They create creatures, monsters etc. They just started creating monsters, creatures etc since they were young and now they're doing it professionally. Their attention to detail is amazing, and they have to study anatomy and have to look closely at gory images all the time to depict their creatures realistically. Sometimes, they're creating bloodied faces etc so they have to look at some images of accidents as well.

An audience member asked about their most unusual gig. One of their clients wanted a cast made of her dead husband so they had to go to the morgue and make a mould of him etc. The client was very appreciative of the piece at the end but the guys said they probably wouldn't want to do that kind of project again.

Angela Boatwright ( She's a photographer who photographs mainly underground, heavy metal bands. She also now represents a few photographers. A few of the speakers spoke of their work appearing in Thrasher magazine including Angela.

She started photographing bands for zines and things since very young and just worked her way up to bigger and bigger gigs from there. She talked about just doing it, and people will see what you're doing and see your passion for it and will want to be a part of it, whether it be knitting mittens or whatever. She had a real dislike for digital photography though as she felt it just isn't like a real, traditional camera.

Ash Boland of Umeric ( Umeric are from NZ and consists of Ash Boland and Von Dekker. Love their illustration work. They've done music video clips, illustration etc.

Elliot 'Askew' O'Donnell ( He's a graffiti artist. He was so passionate about his work. He described his grafitti artwork in great detail and how he loves to collaborate and sometimes you have two or three people working on the same piece of work, and how they add to each other's piece. He explained his style of tagging, the colours used, how to get particular effects, why he did certain bits the way he did, what he was trying to say in certain pieces, the shapes of the letters, the 3d look of some of his work. It was really interesting to hear about. I had never really heard about graffiti art before and was walking back from the train station that night and noticed some graffiti art and took some time to look at it more closely.

Brand New School ( They mix up their mediums and produce film work, they also make things then film them, they do collage work, they do illustration work, photography work etc. They did a series of 10 second clips for MTV and would come up with a different idea for each clip. It's meant to be a mini grab during the commercial break to stop people from channel switching. They also did a similar thing for an international music channel. They mentioned it was great to see the top song in Hungary or Japan, as it's a very different style to the American music videos.

I wrote the above the day after the conference and had intended to write up the rest of the presenters. But haven't come back to this post till now, and it's already been 2 weeks since the conference. I didn't take any notes whilst there as I sometimes find, if you're busy taking notes, you miss a lot of the visual material that is being beamed up onto the screen. They didn't allow any cameras or taping of any part of the conference either. So I'll just list out the remaining presenters and their websites.

But basically it was a good 2 days with diverse range of designers from various design areas. They had a delegates pack too if you bought a ticket for both days and it included a book with the designers' work in it.

Andy Howell. Skateboard gear, streetwear.
Lizzie Finn. Fabrics, sewing, designer, illustrator. - really like her work.
Mister Cartoon. Graffiti art, tatooing.
Estevan Oriol. Photography.
Rob Abeyta. Illustrator.
Pablo Ferro. Titles designer, montage film sequences.

Fabric Printing course

Doing a fabric printing course at the moment. Have had 3 out of 7 lessons already. It's going too quickly. Have silk-screen printed a couple of bags and tried block printing with leaves. It's been really fun to mix up colours, and print the stencil or the object all over the fabric.

Soft toy exhibition Dec 6-23

"Nest Studio is hosting an exhibition of soft toys in the new "real life actual" shop opening in December... So if you happen to be in Adelaide (Australia) at precisely 6pm on December 6.... You must come and enjoy the champaign, nibbles and of course the SOFTIES!"

List of soft toy creators:
Fiona Dalton
Melissa Hicks
Heidi Kenney
Hillary Lang
Christy Martin
Myra Masuda
Julie Paterson
Rosa Pomar
Lyn Roberts
Claire Robertson
Natascha S. Rosenberg
Carly Schwerdt


Nest Studio's blog:

Pittwater Artists Exhibition Nov 26-27

Pittwater Artists Exhbition an exhibition will be held in what was Dorothy Mackeller's House in Lovett Bay, last weekend in November. It will be opened by Tim Storrier.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Copyright talk for graphic designers - 7 Nov

"Hey Man, It's the Fuzz

The law sure can be fuzzy. That's why we've brought you two legal wizards who really understand what's up with the issues facing graphic designers. For most designers these revolve around copyright.

Learn how you can protect your copyright, exploit it, and resolve issues surrounding it. You'll also hear what you can do to ensure your clients protect your work and treat it as a valuable asset. After all, if clients fail to protect their identities they start to devalue design รถ and you as designer.

Chris Finn, AGDA's honorary solicitor since 1988, has been a career-long advisor to those in the creative industries, particularly graphic designers. He is an Accredited Specialist in Business Law who lectures part-time to visual arts students in Business Law and Intellectual Property. He's also been a commentator for the Australian Law Reform Commission on the overlap of designs and copyright.

Trevor Choy is a trade mark expert and a principal of Choy Lawyers, which focuses exclusively on the development and protection of brands. Choy Lawyers acts for advertising agencies and consumer product companies and has been ranked as Highly recommended" in this area by Legal Profiles. In 2005, Choy Lawyers won Best Intellectual Property Law Firm at the Australian Law Awards.

Forget the fuzz, find out the facts.

Monday, 7th November
Australian Museum cnr College & Williams Streets
East Sydney (entrance William Street)
5.45pm for 6.00pm start

AGDA members $25 (Please bring your membership cards)
Non members $40
AGDA student members $10 (Please bring your membership cards)
Student non members $20
All prices include gst

RSVP Robyn
Telephone 9955 3955
Facsimile 9955 0566