Sunday, June 13, 2004


Saw Hero yesterday at the State Theatre as part of the Sydney Film Festival. It's a great film! The story was great, the acting was great, the martial arts were great, the special effects were great, the cinematography was great! Loved the film. It features a who's who list of Chinese stars including Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung... and is directed by Zhang Yimou.

We got there 30mins before the start time and already the number of people waiting had already spilled out onto the footpath outside the theatre. Got seats in the stalls downstairs. They were good seats. If you missed the film, you can catch it at a Dendy cinema soon.

Hopefully the movie will get a season at one of the cinemas as well.


DVDs watched in the last couple of days:

The Hulk:
Liked the breakout box frame style in some of the scenes. This transition and style gave the movie a real comic book feel. Also thought it was funny that his shirt rips open as he gets bigger, then eventually his socks pop open but the briefs somehow manage to stretch to whatever size he becomes, and luckily manages not to give out.

Love Actually:
A Who's who of British stars. About ten or so stories on the theme of love. All the stories were well told. Interesting to be able to present the ten stories and thread them all together without losing the audience. It's a good film!

Chasing Liberty:
Fun teen romantic comedy with Mandy Moore and Matthew Goode. She plays the American president's daughter who just wants some freedom and time away from the guards accompanying her everywhere. He's one of those agents but she doesn't know and her father decides to keep it that way so that she's looked after and yet she can still feel like she has freedom. That's the strategy anyway... It's a good film of its genre.