Thursday, May 12, 2005

Stockholm IKEA

Heard that Stockholm has the biggest IKEA in Skarholmen. Just wanted to check it out to see if it was v.different in scale and feel. So caught the free IKEA bus from Regeringsgatan 13 and got to IKEA in about 20 minutes. There were about 5 levels. Have seen a lot of the items in the Rhodes store in Sydney. Not sure what I was expecting but the store wasn't that different to the ones in Sydney. The layout of the store was circular with the items in the middle and then the concept rooms on the outer ring. So you could walk around the concept rooms then go down a ramp to the items. There were a few cafes there too and the food was nice and cheap. Then caught the free bus into Central station.

Walked around in the afternoon enjoying the sun and then came across Ristorante Sewinto and it was a really great Italian restaurant. Had the lobster pasta in a tomato cream based sauce and it was really delicious. The tiramisu was really yummy too. The place was totally packed out and the prices were v.reasonable for Stockholm.

Walked around town yesterday and went into heaps of department stores and other shops to have a look around at the homewares, lighting, fashions, textiles, glassware etc. Found it much more expensive than Sydney overall. Some things had a larger range than what you may get in a Sydney department store but if you know what item you want, you can still pretty much get it from Sydney eg Paddington, Surry Hills etc.