Friday, May 6, 2005

Copenhagen cultural sights

Went to the Dansk Design Centre the other day. They happened to have an exhibition of the Campana Brothers' work. I'm a big fan of their work and so loved the exhibit. Have seen some of the pieces before in Sydney. They had a special exhibition catalogue book so I got that too. They use recycled goods and local labour to create some really cool pieces of furniture. Love their philosophy and their furniture pieces. Took heaps of photos. The great thing about the museums in Copenhagen is that they actually let you take photos, unlike Sydney. They also had an exhibition of Eero Aarnio's chairs. Visitors were encouraged to sit in the chairs so that was great. I was trying out all the ball chairs. Kids who went to the exhibition would read the gallery blurb and say they want a Ball Chair in the future etc so it's a great way to educate people about design and to let them interact with the pieces, rather than treating the pieces like artworks to be viewed from a distance.

Also went to the Museum of Decorative or Fine Arts. Have to check on the exact name of the place. They had lots of glass art work and chairs, and Japanese and other artwork, furniture and chairs generally through the ages.

Have taken heaps of photos of the architecture of the place already!

Tried some great Danish food today and some great coffee at a place that was very Bohemian, grungey - a bit Glebe like.