Tuesday, May 3, 2005


Arrived in Copenhagen yesterday afternoon. The city feels a bit like Wellington, New Zealand - cold weatherwise, rainy, cosy, compact, arty, but more old European style of architecture, and feels like there's a lot of history and old style grandeur associated with the place compared to Sydney or Wellington.

Surprised at the prices though. It's been an expensive city to eat in so far. Got 2 coffees and 2 slices of pizza bread and a chocolate croissant and it cost approx $30 if you converted it back to Aussie dollars. It was a small bakery rather than a cafe or restaurant. Had some nice Vietnamese food tonight - Billy Kwong feel. Cost $75 for a duck curry with rice and bread, a beef noodle soup, and a liquer raspberry sorbet. Our friends told us that it is a very expensive city to eat in. Also visited some design shops including a few department stores, Georg Jensen, Royal Copenhagen and others.

Copenhagen is a much more relaxed feeling city. Great for taking it easy, chilling out, and just walking around leisurely.