Saturday, May 7, 2005

Copenhagen canal tour

Wanted to go on the Canal tour. It was worth it. It was a sunny day and so got a seat outside. On some parts of the tour, the water splashed onto us like rain. Filmed lots of the tour. The tour guide spoke in Danish, English and German for every sight. Ate at a cool Greek restaurant. It was packed at 3pm. It was a great buffet for the 39kr or approx $10 Australian and the food was great too. Had dinner at Riz Raz - vegetarian buffet this time for about $20 Australian. This place was also packed at 7pm. Have heard that this place is v.popular with uni students. Heard about both places from friends who live in Copenhagen. Found some cool designy homewares, clothing and fabric shops just walking around today. So that was really cool. Was tempted to buy this really cool mail box in red metal. But have resisted so far.