Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Radical Simplicity - book

Radical Simplicity

Dan Price wrote about creating an authentic and simple life for himself in the book titled Radical Simplicity. He appreciates the natural world around him and doesn't buy into the conventional wisdom meters of success.

"...My main focus all along has been to somehow dodge all those lassoes being thrown by that darn cowboy called life... I'm trying to ignore all the societal pressures that try to define who I'm supposed to be or what is deemed 'successful.' I'd like to just honor our sacred earth by becoming so small, so quiet, and so unsubstantial that hte environment I inhabit feels barely a whisper of my miniscule existence... In this way nature is free to express itself fully while I try to comprehend and appreciate its vast universal rhythms..." (This blurb appears on the back of the back and is pretty much a summary of what Dan Price is on about).

"After spending 15 years trying to edit and simplify his life to the nth degree, d. price sat down long enough to write a big book all about the whole amazing experience. In those years Price went from living in a 6-room Antebellum Kentucky mansion to a cabin, a flophouse room, a 16ft tipi, a burlap hut, mountain tents, 6x10 shed and now on an 8ft circular underground room. (This blurb was taken from the Moonlight Chronicles website about the book).

His book consists of simply drawn illustrations of his various projects and ideas and also includes b/w photos of his projects. The book is beautifully laid out and reads like a journal and thoughts book. It's an uplifting read that inspires and makes you think and your mind begins to wander...

The book was published by Running Press in 2005.

Radical Simplicity website: http://www.radicalsimplicitybook.com/
Moonlight Chronicles (his hardcopy zine): http://www.moonlight-chronicles.com/