Tuesday, April 25, 2006



The MobMov Manifesto: build your own drive-in that drives in

"The mobile movie project has grown far beyond my wildest imaginations. What started as a hair-brained concept, first turned into something for friends to enjoy, and then quickly sparked an international interest. With humble intentions in saying so, now people from around the world are asking me how they can too start their own. Here we are and this is that."

Definition of a Mobile Movie
"A "mobile movie" or mobmov for short, is quite simply a drive-in that drives-in. Participating in a mobmov is very similar to attending a drive-in from the days of old, except now the projector is located inside and powered by a car, and the audio is piped in stereo over the FM band to the attendees’ cars. As a mobmov driver, you assemble the kit, decide on the movies, and announce your showings to friends and the community at large. Then everyone assembles in a dark place with a big wall, and you watch a movie. It’s a new technological twist to a nostalgic idea..."

W: http://mobmov.org/manifesto/

First sighted in the Springwise enewsletter: http://www.springwise.com/entertainment/popup_drivein_movies/