Monday, April 17, 2006

Alain de Botton - May 28

Alain de Botton's The Architecture of Happiness

Sydney Writer's Festival event:
Alain De Botton on Buildings as guides to happiness

"Join international bestselling author, Alain de Botton for a beguiling, jargon-free tour through the philosophy and psychology of architecture. Turning the spotlight from the humble suburban home to some of the world's most renowned buildings, he considers how our private houses and public edifices - from those of Christopher Wren to those of Le Corbusier and Glenn Murcutt - influence how we feel, as well as how we could learn to build in ways that would increase our chances of happiness. It could for ever change the way you think about your home, your streets - and yourself."

Sunday, May 28 2006, 18:00 - 19:30
Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall
Cost: $30/$20
Bookings: 9250 7777
Tickets not available until 10/04/06
Presented by Barclays Capital and Virgin Atlantic


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