Tuesday, April 25, 2006

David Maister's blog

David Maister is a Boston based management consultant. He now has a blog on his website titled: Passion, People and Principles. You can also find podcasts, video and articles on his website.

In the AFR (Australian Financial Review) newspaper 28/3/06, he says: "It takes nine months to accumulate the material for a book and another nine months for the publisher to get it to the book stores... It is no longer a sensible way for any respectable author to get his or her ideas out there to the community.. I honestly don't believe I will write a book again..."

"Now, Maister has a feeder to monitor about 100 blogs and read for two hours a day... Maister says it is more useful to his readers to get 2000 words on a focused topic than a 300-page book..."

W: http://davidmaister.com/blog/