Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Magazine city article in The Age

"Read all about it - in print. John Bailey reports on Melbourne's indie magazine boom... These days, the coolest kids don't play guitars: they start up magazines.

At least 10 indie magazines are produced in Melbourne alone, and it seems as if another one is launched every month. As Jamie Driver of Lifelounge puts it, "If you can't find the kind of magazine you want to buy, make it yourself" ..."

The article also gives a description of nine indie titles. These are:

Wooden Toy (2000 copies, $20)
Mess + Noise (10,000 copies, free)
Nerds Gone Wild! (6000 copies, free)
The Sex Mook (1500 copies, $16.95)
Is/Not (250 copies, $30)
A Cloth-covered Button (print run 800, $7)
Sneaker Freaker (print run 30,000, $10)
T-World (print run 5000, $15)
Lifelounge (25,000 copies, free)

W: http://www.theage.com.au/news/books/magazine-city/2007/10/11/1191696080835.html