Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Anne Wendlandt of Enna

Anne Wendlandt of Enna-online is a designer, craftster and shop owner. Her illustration work and the products she makes is beautiful, colourful, and cute. Her physical store is in Hannover, Germany.

Decor8 interviewed her recently: "She has an etsy store, a DaWanda shop, and a store on her website. In addition to all of this, she creates many things by hand, she's a talented illustrator, and a graphic designer along with a shop owner, so Anne is a busy lady.

What does Anne design? I guess a better question is, what doesn't this girl do? :) She does so much. She crafts earrings out of polymer clay that she then hand paints, she designs postcards, pillows, shirts, hoodies, and onesies for baby, plates, iron-on patches, wrapping paper, softies, marketing materials for her business, her website, the signage on the window of her shop, the list goes on and on. She is inspired by so much, she certainly doesn't want to limit herself to just one thing. .."

Anne Wendlandt interview on Decor8's blog:

Anne Wendlandt interview on etsy 29/11/07:

Enna store's website: