Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Smart works: design and the handmade - Sydney

Exhibition: 30 March – August 2007
Symposium: 30 March – 1 April 2007

"A symposium, exhibition and publication exploring the values of the handmade in the context of worldwide changes in design, manufacture and cultural identity. Smart works showcases the work of 40 Australian and New Zealand makers who design for their own production and develop local and international working relationships with industry."

The exhibition features designers' works including:
Caravana, Cathy Braid & Kirsten Ainsworth: NSW/Pakistan
Fashion, working with women’s groups in Pakistan

Aurelio Costarella: WA
Fashion, handmade from vintage fabrics

Paul Davis/Jacqueline Clayton: NSW
Ceramic tableware, one-off to production

Benjamin Edols & Kathy Elliott:NSW
Glass, one-off and production

Jon Goulder: NSW/WA
Furniture, ply and upholstered, Australia and China

Höglund Glass: Ola Höglund & Marie Simberg-Höglund: NZ/Qld
Glass, one-off and production; local employment

Akira Isogawa: NSW
Fashion, collaboration for handmade costumes for Sydney Dance Company

Jill Kinnear: Qld
Textiles, digital prints from baggage X-rays

and many others... At the Powerhouse Museum, Ultimo, Sydney