Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More Shibuya

Shibuya seems to be our natural stop on the way back to Aoyama. Went to Libro books and bought a couple of Taschen titles going for 1995 yen each - the Art title and the Architecture title. Great value. They`re special Taschen 25th b`day titles. Got the tip from Jean Snow`s blog (http://www.jeansnow.net). Have bought a few Japanese/English type art, design, graphic magazines from Tower Records, Aoyama Book Centre, and Libro Books. Now wondering if I should just send them back via snail mail. Also got some cool fabric remnants from the Tao fabric shop in Shibuya. Want to experiment with some sewing when I get back to Sydney if I can find some time. Have to figure out how to use the sewing machine again first though. May go back there and get some more Japanese print fabric. Also visited the Blister shop and the Parco dept store. Had katsu egg soup dish with rice and miso soup from Ootaya earlier. Now at the Apple shop where they have free internet access on the 4th floor. They`re open till 9pm.

Watched `Lost in Translation` again last night. The apartment we`re staying at lend out dvds for free. I enjoyed the movie. Recognised many of the sights. Finished watching it around 5am. Getting to be a real night owl over here. Not sure why.

Going to Kyoto on Thursday. We got the JR railway pass from Sydney. So thought we should make use of it. Kyoto should be fun. Want to check out a few cultural sights of Tokyo but haven`t managed it so far.